Rasam is one of the most loved South Indian dishes. It is a tamarind based soup which is usually enjoyed with rice or after a meal. Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has often expressed her love for this delicious soup. During an award event, Deepika was asked what is her favourite South Indian food and she said rasam and rice. This much-loved soup is prepared all across the country, not just South India and in different variations. If you are unaware of the amazing benefits of rasam then scroll down. 

How Is Rasam Prepared?

Rasam is like a South Indian soup which is prepared using tomatoes, tamarind, spices, and herbs. Preparing the traditional rasam, South Indian style is really easy as it requires just a few ingredients. It can also be prepared with more vegetables. You can also prepare a non-vegetarian version of it depending on your choice. 

Home Remedy For Cold And Flu

When suffering from common health problems like cold and flu, it is best to stick to home remedies. Nothing better than having a bowl of hot rasam. Rasam has the goodness of healthy ingredients like tamarind, curry leaves, pepper, turmeric, and mustard seeds that have numerous health benefits. Rasam can help you recover quickly from issues like cold and flu. 

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Prevents Digestive Issues

rasam for health prevents cancer

Rasam is great for your digestive system. It prevents any digestive issues like constipation, indigestion among others. Rasam is a tamarind or imli based soup that maintains your digestive health. This soup has a lot of fibre which helps in improving the bowel movement. 

Having rasam after a heavy lunch or dinner helps in improving digestion. It prevents the formation of gas and eases your stomach. 

Healthy For Expecting Mothers


Rasam has essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins which make it a great food for pregnant women. Having a bowl of rasam keeps expecting mothers healthy.

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Good For Overall Health

Our body needs a lot of vitamins and minerals to function properly. Rasam is packed with essential vitamins and minerals which are great for our overall well being. This soup is rich in vitamin A, C, folic acid, niacin, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium. Overall, it is super healthy consumption and you must add it to your diet. 

Prevents Cancer

south indian rasam

According to a lot of studies, rasam helps in fighting cancer. Black pepper is a key ingredient in the preparation of this soup and it has a substance called piperine which kills the cancerous cells in your body. 

Helps In Weight Loss

Having a bowl of rasam everyday helps in shedding those extra kilos. Sprinkle some black pepper on your rasam and have it once a day. This helps in increasing the metabolic rate of your body which further contributes to your weight loss. 

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Great For Your Skin Health

Do you know, Rasam is packed with antioxidants that prevent free radical activity. This further helps in preventing pre-mature ageing and makes your skin look young and beautiful. The soup also has vitamin C which is believed to be great for your skin health. 

Rasam is a traditional soup that you should enjoy after your meal or as an appetiser. It is known for its medicinal properties for years now. It is must-have to keep yourself healthy.  

Now that you know the amazing benefits of having rasam everyday, why don't you add it to your daily diet? For more such health stories, stay tuned!