Our favourite festival Diwali has come to an end. We all had such a great time, celebrating with our friends and family. We enjoyed such great food, especially sweets, all those barfis and ladoos we had without any guilt. 

Well, Diwali is always cheating time and you can have a lot of your favourite cheat meals but after the festivities are over, you also need to get back to your regular routine and shape. All those extra kilos that we have put on these days, we need to shed them quickly.

Now after this long break, we all have to get back to work and we don't really have time to hit the gym. But not to worry! You can lose those extra kilos without going to the gym. Read on.

Stick To Homecooked Food

homecooked food

All this while you have been eating from outside, all oily, fattening foods. Now it is time to get back to healthy eating. Cook your food at home and no ordering or eating outside if you want to lose weight. This will also help you save money after you are all broke post the Diwali scenes. 

Add Veggies And Fruits To Your Diet

After having all your favourite foods during the Diwali season, it is time to start having healthy foods. If you want to lose weight quickly then you need to keep a check on your diet. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with fiber and your body needs it to lose weight. Have apples, watermelon, cucumbers whenever you feel hungry. These will keep you full for longer and will not add any calories.

Sleep Well

easy weight loss

Do you know, you need adequate sleep to lose weight? Your sleep pattern has a major impact on your weight loss. Your body needs enough rest to repair the muscles in your body and clear off all the harmful toxins from the body. 

Drink More Water

water weight loss

Water helps you lose weight quickly. Drinking more water helps you flush out all the harmful toxins from your body. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and will clean your system internally. This will also keep you full throughout the day and will help in weight loss.

Have Dahi Atleast Once In A Day

dahi weight loss

You need to cleanse your body after eating all the unhealthy foods that you had during the celebrations. Adding dahi to your diet is a great way of improving your digestion. Having dahi will help you clean your digestive system and this will further help you burn fat.

Don't Have A Heavy Last Meal

Your last meal should be really light if you want to lose weight quickly. Body's metabolism works slowly at night and you are unable to burn the calories you consume at night and the fat starts to getting stored in your body. It is best to have a light dinner. Have smaller meals throughout the day to boost your metabolism. 

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All these tips will surely help you cut down those extra kilos but if you want it to happen quicker then you need to move a little. If you can't hit the gym then you can go for a walk or try some activities like dancing or swimming. Try walking as much as you can.