How To Stay Healthy During Festivities By Prachi Mandhola

By Kishori Sud30 Oct 2018, 16:44 IST

With the onset of festivities, we tend to eat a lot from outside and feel unfit after it's all over. Here are some tips from Nutritionist Prachi Mandhola that could help you out:

Balancing It Out

If you plan on indulging in the food that we have and associate with the festival time, stick to nutritious meal throughout the day. If you are in for a grand dinner or a party in the evening, save up for those calories by eating healthy the whole day. 

Try Healthy Substitutes

Try healthy snacks like a chakli in a baked form and you will enjoy it as much. Also, you do not have to avoid traditional sweets completely, but do not go overboard with them. You can have a besan laddoo one day but for the next day try a laddoo made from walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds and cinnamon. 

Rely On Fruits

Eat a lot of fruits. Fatty foods cause constipation, high fibre foods will help you feel lighter and relieve constipation as well. 

Go For Detox Drinks

Try barley or lemon water first thing in the morning. They are known to flush out toxins from the body. 


During festivities, we tend to have late nights and late morning too. If you cannot catch a gym workout, keep a short home workout handy like pushups, crunches and jumps. This will help keep you going. Health is the best accessory this festive season.