Hair loss is itself a big problem given the pollution and inadequate supply of nutrition due to impurity of foods, are some of the main reasons why your hair loses its shone and starts to fall. 

Moreover,  it has been noticed that since the spread of coronavirus the people who tested positive for COVID have had severe hair fall issues. Post covid hair fall became an even bigger thing when the second wave of the coronavirus starting rising yet again in India. A higher number of people were exposed to the virus this time and thus most of them were noted reporting a spike in their hair fall.  So, if you too are going through this issue then Nutrition Expert Pooja Makhija has figured out the solution for us all. Read on and find out what they are.

Pooja’s Instagram Reel

Pooja makes informative reels that help her audience in a lot of ways. Therefore she brought out a video yet again and gave us the solution for hair fall post covid within 30 seconds.  She attested the efficiency of the below-given ingredients and suggested them to her clients as well. 

She wrote “These are nutrients (foods + supplements) that have helped my clients and me as well post covid. Do check with your doctor/nutritionist before you start. Take care and happy recovery.”

Here’s What She Suggested

Pooja suggested a list of 4 foods that can help you regain that lost life in your hair and make it grown better and healthier while putting a stop to the hair fall problems. 

7 Almonds And 2 Walnuts

Post covid hair loss

These nuts are basically high in biotin, which is a compound that helps in hair growth and also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These make the hair super healthy and stop them from falling extensively.

1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, And Pumpkin Seeds

Post covid hair loss

Eating these seeds has countless benefits for health and the amount of nutrition they provide to your body is unbeatable. They are full of vitamins, minerals and other micro compounds which help in building strong hair follicles.

1 Teaspoon Of Virgin Coconut Oil

Post covid hair loss

Consumption of virgin coconut oil on an empty stomach can help your hair in a lot of ways.  It moisturises your hair, makes them strong, and also prevents them from falling. Further, it also protects your scalp from lice, dandruff, etc.

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Eggs 3 Whites And 1 Yolk 

Post covid hair loss

Consuming eggs means a direct intake of natural protein, which is very important for your hair as it is the building block of the follicles. 

Some Vitamins That Help

Post covid hair loss

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency of this vitamin obstructs the formation of new hair. Dosage: 500-1500mcg daily.
Post covid hair loss
  • Vitamin D This vitamin deficiency may cause alopecia and this results in a reduction of new follicle growth. 2000iu daily.
Post covid hair loss
  • Vitamin C Helps in reducing oxidative stress and thus improves hair growth, preventing hair loss. 
  • 1000 mg daily. 
  • However, it is important for you to consult your nutritionist before starting these medications and diet. 

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