When it comes to beating the heat, there is nothing better than a glass of scrumptious summer drink. From jaljeera to shikanji, there are so many drinks that we love enjoying in the hot summers. But do you know all these drinks have a common ingredient? Well, it is the black salt. If you notice, you will find black salt added to a lot of drinks. Black salt or kaala namak not only enhances the flavour of your drink but also has many other benefits. Want to know? Read on. 

1. Black salt is a cooling salt that makes it a perfect addition to the summer drinks. 

black salt summers

2. Summers also bring along a lot of digestive problems. Black salt has the ability to treat your upset stomach, bloating, constipation and any other stomach problems. Because of its properties, black salt is also added to medicines. Kaala namak in your summer drinks ensures proper digestion of food. It helps in improving the bowel movement and keeps all digestion problems away. 

3. Heartburn is again a common summer problem. When you feel like a heartburn after eating oily or some heavy food, drink a glass of nimbu paani.Don't miss adding black salt to it. Black salt has alkaline minerals which work to reduce the negative effects on your stomach that is caused by high temperatures. 

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kaala namak benefits

4. Excessive heat during the season can also lead to intestinal gas problems. Black salt in your drinks can help you deal with this gas and give you relief instantly.

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5. One great benefits of having black salt in your drinks is that it helps you lose weight. Black salt has a dissolving effect on the enzymes and lipids and this helps you in cutting down weight. 

6. You can helps you in controlling the cholesterol level of the body. It ensures the proper circulation of the body and maintains the cholesterol level. 

7. If summers bring along insomnia for you then black salt is your remedy again! Black salt works to preserve two essential sleep hormones, melatonin, and serotonin which make you sleep well. 

8. Kaala namak is also very beneficial in providing relief from muscle cramps. This is because it contains potassium which is an essential mineral for your muscles. Adding black salt to your drinks or food can help you get relief from muscles spasms and cramps.

9. Black salt works as a natural blood thinner. It helps in proper circulation of the blood in the body. This further prevents reducing the chances of blood clots. 

10. Kaala namak is a great ingredients for diabetic people. It helps in regulating the blood sugar level of the body.