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  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial, 28 Jan 2022, 16:20 IST

Celebrity Nutritionist Shares Winter Superfoods You Must Include In Your Diet

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares these superfoods that you can add to your diet to boost your health and immunity.
  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial, 28 Jan 2022, 16:20 IST
ghee apple winter superfood diet main

When the winter months come around, we not only lose a few hours of daylight but also all the summery fresh fruits and vegetables that we love. 

Winters also contribute to a lot of health issues such as muscle and joint pain, weight gain, cough and cold, and so on. Also, we are dealing with COVID-induced lockdowns by staying at home and that is leading to less physical activity.

So, what will solve all these issues? 

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar answers this question by sharing ten winter superfoods that pack a serious nutritional punch and are just waiting to be worked into your favorite cold-weather recipes. Let’s have a look!


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1. Bajra

bajra superfood

Bajra (Pearl millet), the staple food of Rajasthan, is a versatile grain rich in vitamin B6, zinc, and fibre. Diwekar opines that it promotes muscle gain and helps you in targetting your hair woes. 

This ingredient can also be used to replace, rice, quinoa, oats, and other grains. Not only Bajre ki roti, but you can also make bhakri, laddoo, khichdi, thalipeeth, and many more delicious dishes with this superfood.  

2. Goond

Next up on the list is Goond! According to Ayurveda, Goond is known to boost stamina and health. It can also keep you from falling sick due to cold and cough. 

With treating Vitamin D levels in your body, it also helps lubricate the joints, acts as a digestive aid, and is good for sex drive. You can make laddoos or goond paani by roasting in ghee and sprinkling with sugar from this special ingredient.

3. Green Vegetables

green vegetables superfood

Image Courtesy: Everyday Health

The Winter season brings a whole lot of greens vegetables to our tables with their amazing nutritional value. Some of these vegetables have the ability to boost your immunity such as palak, methi, sarson, pudina, and especially green lasun. These vegetables are rich in nutrients, vitamins, fibre, and of course, flavor! 

Diwekar mentions that green lasun has anti-inflammatory properties and it alleviates burning sensation in hands and feet. You can cook your favorite sabzi with these, or add these to raita, dals, or your mouth-watering chutneys!

4. Kand And Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are filled with fiber and antioxidants, and are low in calories, fat, and cholesterol. Including these vegetables in your diet can be a win-win for you! Kand or Indian Purple yam, is a superfood, which is rich in fibre, promotes weight loss, and improves the digestive system. 

To savour these vegetables, you can cook tikkis, sabzis, speciality dishes like undhiyo, or just roast and have the vegetables with seasoning of salt and chilli powder. Sound delicious, right?

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5. Seasonal Fruits

apples superfood

Image Courtesy: Healthline

To get that supple and smooth skin, you can add seasonal fruits like apple, sitaphal, peru, khurmani to your diet. These fresh winter fruits are packed with micronutrients and fibre which can hydrate your skin.  

6. Til

From til barfis to gajak or to ladoo, you can find sesame seeds in almost every winter food item. Til is rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, and can prove to be good for your bones, skin, and hair. And yes, til ladoos have a longer shelf life so you can enjoy these throughout the winter season.

7. Peanuts

Who doesn’t like peanuts? It is that addictive snack that after eating one you can’t control yourself. But you would be thrilled to know that it is not only a superfood but it comes amongst the world’s healthiest foods. 

Peanuts are rich in Vitamin B, Amino Acids, polyphenols, and are good for your heart. There is so much you can do with these might peanuts - have them boiled, roasted, as a chutney, or include them as a seasoning of salads and sabzis.

8. Ghee

ghee superfood

Image Courtesy: Medical News Today

Ghee has incredible healing properties and it helps you keep warm from within. 

You can never get enough of this kitchen staple as you can use add ghee to dals, rice, khichdi to halwas, and chapattis. It is full of vitamins and essential fatty acids.

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9. White Butter (Makhan)

Adding a dash of white butter can not only accentuate the taste of your dish, but at the same time, it helps in giving your body the right dose of antioxidants, milk proteins, saturated fats, vitamin D, E, and A. 

These nutrients help in improving digestion, joint lubrication, skin hydration, and are great for the pressure on your neck and spine, caused due to COVID-induced work-from-home. You can add Makhan to your bhakri, thalipeeth, saag, and dals to enhance the flavour.

10. Kulith

kulith superfood

Image Courtesy: GOQii

Rujuta Diwekar also shares that you can include forgotten pulses like Kulith, alsane, navrangi dal, and others in your diet. These pulses can be used to make paranthas, soup, dal, etc. 

And as Kulith (Horse Gram) is rich in protein, fibre, and micro-nutrients, it can prevent kidney stones and bloating.

Which of these superfoods are you going to add to your diet? Do share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!


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