Maintaining hygiene in the kitchen is extremely important. A lot of food items that we buy, be it vegetables or meat, come from extremely dirty conditions and need to be rigorously washed to make them fit to cook and consume. While you all know that washing is essential, did you know that there are certain food items you must not wash? Yes! Even though washing may seem like the most hygienic thing to do in the kitchen, washing these items may even lead to the spread of germs. Read further to know all about the food ingredients that you have been rigorously washing all this while completely unaware of its drawbacks!


should we wash chicken before cooking one

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The earliest memory of cooking chicken most of you would have is getting it from the market and washing them thoroughly before cooking it, right? However, it is not recommended to wash raw chicken because the raw chicken is loaded with pathogenic bacteria. When you rinse the chicken you are only increasing the chances of spreading this bacteria all over your hands, food counter, etc. There have been numerous researches that have testified to this and strictly prohibited people from washing raw chicken. If you are wondering how else you can clean your chicken, take the chicken out of the package and directly place it in the boiling water. The heat will kill all the bacteria. 


should we wash eggs one

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The scientific reason behind never washing an egg is that eggs naturally have a layer of protection called the ‘bloom’ or the ‘cuticle’. This is the layer that is responsible for keeping the air and the bacteria out of the egg. Even though an egg may seem dirty from the outside, washing it may make it more prone to bacteria. Thus, if you are using a raw egg, it is not recommended to wash it. 

Raw Fish

Washing raw fish is prohibited for the same reasons as washing other meat and poultry. If you have been cleaning your seafood in the sink, you are actually causing the bacteria to spread all over your kitchen. These are the surfaces that are away from the heat thus cannot be sanitized. To save yourself from the hassle, buy fish that is already scaled. However, if you are buying seashells or any other seafood that may have sand in it, washing is a must!

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should we wash mushrooms before cooking

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We agree that mushrooms can look a little unappetizing. However, washing mushrooms will completely kill their flavour. If your mushrooms look a little dirty what you can do is take a tissue and wipe it well. You can do the same with a slightly damp cloth. If it still doesn’t get cleaned, you can take a bowl of water and quickly put the mushroom in there, remove it and dry it fast. However, mushrooms absorb moisture very quickly so there is hardly any chance that the taste would have stayed intact. 


why should we not wash pasta before cooking one

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Pasta carries its own flavour and starch. Washing pasta before cooking might rid them of this starch that is very important in cooking pasta the right way. What you can do instead is simply boil the pasta in water and use that water loaded with pasta starch to make your sauce. If you wash the pasta before boiling then the starch won’t be extracted while boiling, leading to loss of the most important ingredient in making the pasta sauce. 

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