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    Things To Keep In Mind During A Solo Staycation

    Traveling solo for a staycation? Here’s a list of things to keep in mind!
    Published -15 Nov 2021, 08:00 ISTUpdated -12 Nov 2021, 16:26 IST
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    Travelling solo has been a dream for many of us, and we have had plans for years now. Are you one of them who actually gets the time to go on a solo trip now? Here’s a list of things you will need if you are planning on a solo staycation in a neighbouring city!

    Carry Entertainment 

    Every time while you travel, you have a scope of getting bored out of your mind, be it alone or with the company. It’s better to keep entertainment handy for times like these. 

    You could keep a web series, or movies downloaded on your iPad while some music on your phone. Do not forget to keep a portable charger, a USB and some headphones for a comfortable journey! 

    Keep Cash Handy 

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    Everywhere we go, cash is the currency for exchange. For whatever supplies and commodities you are in need, you will require cash. 

    Instead of relying solely on your credit or debit card, opt for local currency. It will be easier for you to travel around (Looking For Date Plans In Delhi?) and get things you need at a much faster pace.

    Not every place or store has the service of using a card! 

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    Take Your Own Pictures

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    Never forget to take your own pictures if you are alone. You are your own best friend. You have had the idea of this trip for a long time, and you need to make full use of it. 

    Carry a selfie stick and a portable charger to never miss out on beautiful moments! You will definitely need these memories in the long run.

    Keep Important Numbers And Business Cards Handy

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    For emergencies, you will need to remember a number and address to contact. If you are somebody who is unable to remember information, we suggest you carry a phone book or business cards to help you with the same. 

    There is no harm in keeping items for essential survival and emergencies in your backpack on a solo staycation

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    Screenshot All Bookings

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    When travelling alone, bookings are a big hassle. Keeping a screenshot or physical print of every booking you have made for the trip is vital. 

    Every place doesn’t seem to connect with the server you have on your cell phones, and at urgent timings, you may not be able to access the information you need. 

    You can have a small bag assigned to confidential information in your bag to make it easier for you to access it every time. 

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