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Give Your Inner Foodie A Tour Of Omelette Breakfasts From All Over The World

Take a tour of omelette breakfasts from around the world.
omelettes around the world

Omelettes make for the perfect and most fulfilling breakfast options. They maybe are cooked differently around the world but the love for a perfectly cooked, fluffy omelet is universal. Take a look at how people are having their omelette breakfasts around the world.

1Frittata De Patate, Italy

italy omelette

It is a fancy omelette dish from Italy, loaded with with cheese and herbs. The frittata de patate – potato omelet – is the classic way of preparing the Italian omelet.

2Khai Chiao, Thailand

thai omelette

Thai-style omelette Khai Chiao is a scrumptious omelette. It is traditionally served over rice. It is  made by beating the eggs with a dash of fish, oyster or soy sauce and then deep fried in a wok.

3Tamagoyaki, Japan

japan omlet

Tamagoyaki is a Japanese omelet prepared in a rectangular skillet. They have an unusual shape, but just the perfect sweet taste. The dish is made by rolling layers of very thin omelettes along with sugar, white vinegar, water and eggs.

4Tortilla De Patatas, Spain

spanish omlet

It is a Spanish omelette made with potato and eggs. Tortilla De Patatas are celebrated as national dish by Spaniards, and is an essential part of the Spanish cuisine.  

5Hangtown Fry, USA

american omlet

These Omelettes are an American delicacy, made with oysters and bacon. A traditional Hangtown Fry contains grated cheese, fresh basil, and oregano. 

6Persian Omelette, Iran

persian omlet

Persian Omelettes are a delight to the taste buds. Cooked with garlic, turmeric powder, and dilli, they have a tangy taste which will leave wanting more.

7Masala Omelette, India

masala omlet

Masala Omelettes are the desi versions of omelettes which is loved throughout the country by the egg lovers. They are made with variety of spices and chopped veggies.

8French Omelette, France

french omlet

Traditional French omelette are the most popular delights in France. These are made with butter, onion, tomato, herbs, and lots of cheese.

9Mexican Egg White Omelette, Mexico

Mexican Egg White Omelette

These omelettes are one of the healthiest version of omelette. They are filled with lots of jalapeno pepper, black beans, and avocado and makes a perfect food treat.

10Omeleta, Greece

Omeleta, Greece

Omeleta is a Greek version of Omelet, laden with olives, bell peppers, onions, feta and spinach. It is a very healthy dish with fine taste.