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    Most Googled Recipes Of 2020 Which Took Over The Internet & How!

    These food items were googled the most in India in 2020 and the list proves "hum Indians khaane ke deewane hain"!
    Updated at - 2020-12-19,14:03 IST
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    Food is a major part of all cultures across the world and when we talk of food in India, every village or city in every state of the country has its own rendition. When the pandemic hit India, a lockdown was announced and we have been home-bound ever since although the rules are now a little relaxed. One major trend that happened in this lockdown was the people channeling their inner chefs and sharing their recipes and concoctions on social media. It became a competition which turned out to be a stress buster like no other. 

    Many recipes were scavenged on the net and there were some that trended on the net a lot. Google fished out and shared with the world some recipes that trended the most in 2020 and here is the list.

    How To Make Paneer

    So many of us love cottage cheese and amid the lockdown when our "paneerwala" could not cross borders, we had to fend for ourselves in some or the other way. So we took what our ancestors have been doing for so long. Making paneer at home by curdling the milk using vinegar or other methods. While I thought it could be made only using vinegar, people came up with different ways and it was mind-boggling how Indian minds work. "Jugaadu toh hum pucca hain". 

    How To Make Dalgona Coffee

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    While we desi people call it "phiti hui coffee", it suddenly became dalgona, making us roll our tongues and appear "classy". So many recipes came out, all the work from home kids were yelled at when our parents kept stirring and we sat in front of the systems. For some of us who do not stay with our parents, we broke glasses stirring out all that anger we had on our colleagues, the bosses and the work pressure. A phase I definitely loved, I did realise that coffee is not what ma has been making for the past over three decades, or what we get at famous chains. The flavour that comes out after so much hard frothy work is totally worth it! Here are some Dalgona infused recipes you might want to try. 

    How To Make Jalebi

    "Meetha" cravings are like forbidden fruit we definitely want to try. When we were homebound and ordering food from outside was not an option, we had to do something about it on our own. Like everything else, we googled the recipe to all our sinful cravings which including the sweet, melt in the mouth, "chaashni se bhari" Jalebi. Try this recipe in case you haven't yet

    How To Make Cake At Home

    Birthdays, anniversaries or simple pick me ups, cakes are just a "bahanaa" to sit together and enjoy a sweet moment. Our baking kits, mugs and spoons, cocoa powders and maida, baking soda, accompanied by all other ingredients, came out and we all became experts in making cakes. From plain chocolate to plum cakes to rum cakes, the internet was our oyster and we were so happy for all those chefs who had put these recipes out there on their portals. You can bake a cake at home with this coffee chocolate mug cake recipe if you want. 

    Sourdough Bread

    sourdough bread google

    Now there are a few dishes and recipes which are not known amongst all Indians but thanks to the lockdown, the knowledge and thirst for "khaali baithe" food lovers, new things were tried. One such trend was baking bread besides cakes. One very famous bread was sourdough bread. It, of course, needs an acquired taste but the ones who like it, keep baking it again and again. 

    Chicken Momos

    chicken momos google

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    "Ab ye kaise bhool sakte hain", a street side dish which kept us rolling everyday post-work or amid breaks. Momos are first love for many and we had to do something as it was impossible for them to find them outside now. So all of us googled this magical term which makes us salivate just at the mention and we kept making them until we mastered them! Here is a recipe of Afghani Momos you can try. 

    Banana Bread

    banana bread google

    Besides cakes, cupcakes and sourdough bread, banana bread was another much-googled recipe that picked up among the Millenials. Well, it was nothing new but it did catch up and how! Try this recipe if you want to

    So which one of these did you hunt for on the net? Did you try something new that has not been listed here? Do share with us on our Facebook Page and stay tuned for more on food that makes you tick. 

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