Smoothie bowls have become the hottest food trend these days. They have taken over the good market like anything with an array of flavours. The best thing about smoothie bowls is that they can be customised as per choice with your favourite toppings - granola, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. 

If you don't already have smoothie bowls in your daily diet, you should for the following reasons: 

  • Smoothie bowls are pureed and they are easy to digest. 
  • Consuming smoothie bowls is a great way of fueling your body with protein, fiber, carbohydrates, healthy fats. 
  • Smmothie bowls are rich in fiber, they help in digestion, improve satiety and better absorption of nutrients. 
  • Having smoothie bowls helps in bowel movement, boosts immunity, prevents infections, maintains healthy heart.

There is a wide vareity of smoothie bowls you can choose from in the market depending on your preference. You can also prepare a smoothie bowl at home using your favourite toppings. 

It is really easy to prepare a smoothie bowl at home. It takes a few minutes and a delicious, filling bowl is ready. Here are some easy and interesting smoothie recipes you can try - 

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

chocolate smoothie bowl

This one is kids friendly, rich in fiber, potassium, iron and protein. 

Ingredients Required

  • Oats- 25g
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder- 1-2 tsp
  • Frozen Banana- 1 small
  • Milk of choice- 100ml
  • Honey- 1-2 tsp


In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend. Top with chocolate chips, fruits or coconut as per choice. Enjoy! 

Consuming this chocolate smoothie bowl will help prevent constipation, reduce the risk of heart condition, boost haemoglobin levels. 

A Very Berry Smoothie Bowl

Who doesn't love berries! We all do, right? This berry bowl is packed with the goodness of vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, fibre, calcium, probiotics. 

Ingredients Required

  • Frozen mixed Berries- 1 cup
  • Greek yogurt- ½ cup
  • Frozen Banana- 1 small
  • Honey- 2 tsp


In a bowl, add all the ingredients. Garnish with toppings of choice and enjoy. 

This very berry smoothie bowl will help prevent against infections/ illnesses, boost the immune system, promote regular bowel movement and healthy gut.

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Green Smoothie Bowl

green smoothie bowl

You can also add the goodness of vegetables to your daily diet by making a green bowl like this one. This is a great source of omega 3, vitamin E, iron, folate and potassium.

Ingredients Required

  • Spinach- 1 cup.
  • Oats- 50g
  • Frozen Ripe Avacado- ½ no.
  • Frozen Banana- 1 small
  • Almond Milk- 75ml
  • Coconut water- 25ml
  • Honey- 2 tsp


In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend to make a smooth paste. Top with vegetables and toppings of choice. Serve.

Having this smoothie bowl will help you regulate bowel movement, blood pressure, muscle building, prevents anemia and maintains a healthy heart. 

Classic Smoothie Bowl

If you aren't a fan of many toppings, you can stick to a classic smoothie bowl with ingredients like banana, oats. 

Ingredients Required

  • Oats- 50 g
  • Banana- 2nos. (small)
  • Almond Milk- 100ml
  • Vanilla essence- ¼ tsp
  • Cinnamon powder- 1 pinch


In a blender, add all the ingredients. You can have this smoothie bowl as is without toppings if you wish to. 

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This classic smoothie bowl is rich in vitamin E, fibre, protein and potassium. There are numerous benefits of consuming this smoothie bowl like it helps regulate blood pressure, controls diabetes, helps in muscle building among others. 

These smoothie bowls are a great way of improving your daily diet. 

Do try making these smoothie bowls at home and share your experience with us on our Facebook page. For more such easy recipes, stay tuned!