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Are You A Chocolate Fan? Prove It With This Fun Quiz

chocolate quiz main

If you are a fan of chocolates be it white, milk, or dark then take this fun quiz full of facts to prove yourself now!

dark c quiz

Which chocolate type has the most antioxidant-like flavonoids, that are said to be good for lowering blood pressure & cholesterol?

How many chocolates bars are equal to the caffeine in one cup of coffee?

c quiz

Which chocolate has no cocoa solids?

white chocolate quiz

To give a better chocolate flavour to your home baked brownie, what can you add?

Ages ago, doctors would try to treat which problem with chocolates?

hearts c quiz

Cocoa beans were used for what by the Aztecs?

What is better for your teeth? Chocolates or dry fruits?

In India, which chocolate brand used to have cars made on it in the 90's?