Homemade masks are the most effective and convenient way to make sure that your skin stays chemical-free. From honey and milk to aloe vera and besan, there are a number of face packs which treat different skin problems. While all these products are organic and natural, you need to be careful while mixing certain ingredients together. Due to their nature and quality, some ingredients can react differently while mixed together in a face pack. Here is the list of items, you must refrain from using in a face mask. 


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Many face scrubs recommend using sugar. It is said that sugar acts as a natural exfoliator and wards off gunk and germs from your face. Well, it can also harm your supple skin because of its roughness. Big sugar grain can be harsh on your face, which can lead to redness of the skin. If you wish to use a natural scrubber while preparing your face pack, you can opt for salt or oatmeal. They are comparatively softer and will cleanse your skin in a safe manner. Always apply a proper moisturiser on your face after scrubbing it, in order to prevent acne and breakouts. 

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Essential Oils

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Essential oils have gained a lot of popularity because of their beauty benefits. From neroli and lavender oil to tea tree and citrus oils, they cater to a number of skin issues. While some essential oils treat acne, others help in providing a natural glow. The most important aspect here is the usage of essential oils. These are concentrated liquids and must always be used with caution. Avoid using them in pace packs, as they might react differently with products like curd, lemon and honey, which are some common items used to make a face mask. Always apply essential oils by mixing them with a carrier oil. You can use cold pressed coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil for the purpose. Just use 1-2 drops of essential oil as large quantities can burn your skin. 

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Baking Soda And Lemon

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While for some, this combination might work, people with sensitive skin might find it deadly. The combination of highly reactive baking soda with acidic lemon can irritate the supple skin of your face. It is usually recommended to make face packs, which are meant to lighten your skin. You must refrain from using this combination on your face, as it can cause a burning sensation or itchiness. It can be useful for removing tanning from armss, but make sure you run a patch test before applying it. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

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People with acne ridden faces or sensitive skin must avoid this ingredient at any cost. Experimenting with items while making face masks can further lead to skin issues. Make sure you always refer to a credible site before applying anything on your face. It would be better, if you consult a dermatologist before using any such ingredient. 

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Make sure that you always do a patch test before applying a mask to your face. Doing a sample test will rule out the possibility of allergy. This will safely approve the mask, post which you can apply it liberally to your skin. 

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