In today’s time one of the most used makeup look is the no-makeup makeup look which has given rise to an increase in people getting involved in skincare. Dropping down the rabbit hole of Skincare is a whole new story given how expensive a lot of things are. This is the main reason why we must understand where to save and hold back our splurging needs and where to spend a reasonable amount of money. Glowing skin is our new makeup so here we have a list on where to splurge and where to hold back on skincare products.

Face Cleansers 

Face Cleansers are basically to remove all the dirt and extra murk that we have collected on our face through the whole day. The only difference is our skin type which can range from oily, sensitive and dry. In the market there are multiple face cleansers which are cheap, affordable and get the job done.

Moisturisers and Lotions 

The main use of moisturiser is to keep our skin hydrated and supple yet due to our different skin types we have different moisturisers. Though some moisturisers have a bit extra like Vitamin C added which is at times useful but also excess of anything an be bad therefore we must understand our skin type first and what it needs. It is alright to spend some extra money but do not go splurging on it. There are brands with basic moisturisers or lotions which can achieve the same goal.



The main constitute of any toner is ‘Aqua’ i.e. water which hydrates your skin. Toner is basically used to keep your skin supple, hydrated and regulates its p.h level. The best toner is Gulaab Jal i.e. Rose Water which is almost inexpensive but if you want to spend then it is best to spend minimal amount on toners.

Face Serum 

Serums are there to treat certain aspects of your skin be it dryness or oily skin or dark spots. You should splurge on a good Face Serum as it helps your skin on a level that a moisturiser or toner can not. The ingredients in a Face Serum are expensive as the ingredients are of premium quality making a good Face Serum expensive as well. 

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Sunscreens are an extra layer to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun. It is important to splurge on a good sunscreen as it is hard to find the perfect sunscreen for your skin with the best SPF to suit your needs. A high SPF is important for people who go out for work or stay in the sun for long. Regardless of how much time you spend outside it is still important to wear a good Sunscreen even if it is for 15-20 mins. 

Sheet Masks 

Sheet Masks are a new addition to everyone’s skincare routine. It is not that hard to make sheet masks at home but bought sheet masks have some ingredients that homemade sheet masks don’t. It is not super important to use it in your everyday routine but using it once a while can improve your skin texture exponentially. Splurging a bit on it won’t cause harm as it is not an everyday product to use.

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Face Mask 

Splurge; yes please splurge on a good Face Mask since a good face mask last for a long time and targets your dry or oily skin as well as dark spots and helps smoothing the skin. Just like sheet masks, face masks are something you shouldn’t use in your everyday skincare routine as excess of it can cause a reverse effect on your skin. So, splurge on a good face mask. 



Skincare is an important part of our daily routine but it is important to know when to splurge and when to save.