Just like our moles say a lot about our personalities even our eyebrows speak. Yes, it's true! For those who do believe in these things just as you believe that your show shape speaks volumes about your demeanour and so do the colour of your eyes, even the shape of your brows talk. From thin to thick to elongated to arched, take a look at what your eyebrows say about you. 

Straight Eyebrows

 staright brows

It is said that those who either draw or have straight eyebrows without a single curve, are very logical and give a lot of thought before acting up. An impulsive nature is just not what you should expect from them. 

Peaked Eyebrows

peaked brow

If you have a high arch or a brow with a peak, it means the person takes rash decisions. They give in to their emotions and react quickly. So logic may not be a priority for them when it comes to reactions. 

Queen's Eyebrows

If you go as per Chinese face reading, people with raised and defines brows have a very perfectionist attitude. They have a graceful demeanour and have a great sense of style and beauty. However, they do struggle with their decisions and are very self-critical. They are too hard on themselves so as not to make a mistake in any move they make. 

Round Eyebrows

These individuals with a smooth curve are the ones who are very kind at heart and think about others. They may place the needs of the other above their own at times. They strive for a win-win decision that pleases everyone including themselves. 

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Short Eyebrows

short brows

No drama please! People with short eyebrows do not entertain people who are a bit of drama queens. They stay away from unnecessary situations and have very few close friends or relationships. Asking for help is not their forte either. 

Long Eyebrows

Social people indeed. These individuals with long eyebrows have a lot of friends and can in fact deal with a lot of drama. It takes time for them to feel overwhelmed as they have extra strength.

Thick Eyebrows

thick eyebrows

Those people you see with bushy eyebrows? They are very decisive individuals. Their self-confidence is classic and they do think that they can figure out everything. Logic is a part of their personality and they like being physically active. 

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Thin Eyebrows

Opposite in nature to the ones with thick eyebrows, individuals with thin eyebrows are low on self-confidence. However, the quality to admire is that they are not at all pushy. 

So which shape is yours? Are you close to the judgment here?

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