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    Golden Eye Looks You Can Do For A Wedding Function

    Golden eyes have been a great eye look for the wedding season all these years. Find some ways you can kill yours! 
    Published -20 Nov 2021, 11:00 ISTUpdated -09 Dec 2021, 13:12 IST
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    Golden eyes are the most recognized wedding season makeup by most of us. We relate golden eyes with wedding season and honestly, golden does seem like a happy colour to us. 

    Deciding on which type of gold you should go for your wedding look, here’s a list of 5 looks you can pull off at home, by yourself!

    Golden Black Smokey Eyes 

    Smokey eyes is a typical eye look and most of us struggle with smokey eyes a lot. There are simpler ways to create a smokey eye look. 

    For an easier application and avoid mishaps with the smokey eye, try starting with less amount of black pigment and increasing into the depth of black. In that case, you’ll not need to remove the entire makeup to restart again. 

    A golden smokey is easier than the black one is. Just throw in the shade of gold and blend it well into the upper and lower lashline. 

    Don’t ever forget the lower lashline!

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    Golden Halo Eyes

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    Halo eye looks have been in the trend for super long and have been killing the trend. Halo eyes are particularly known for the effect they give out. The application of the eyeshadow pigment is only limited to the centre of the centre eyelid. 

    You can merge the halo eyeshadow with a mixture of other pigments and colours to make them look more vibrant and shining. 

    Golden Inner Corner 

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    Inner corners have taken the entire emphasis of the eye, hasn’t it? We think they totally have. 

    Highlighting the inner corner is totally the best way to keep the rest of the eye makeup mellow but still have the eyes popping the outfit. 

    Add a highlighted pigment into the inner corners of your eyes and see how it elevates your look to another level. 

    Golden Tattoos

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    Face tattoos have been revolting for years and we finally are able to see them in the light of daily makeup. 

    Tattoos enhance our looks but these face tattoos aren’t permanent, so you can take ease and find a variety of tattoos in the market while applying a new one every day. 

    With tattoos, you can be careful with the usage, applying and removing as it may cause harm to your skin. We suggest patch tests be conducted before you go all-in with them being on your face at a wedding function!

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    Golden Graphic Eyeliner

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    Graphic eyeliners have taken over the internet with newer, trendier and cooler looks. We see a newer trend every day in the world of graphic eyeliners and are totally stunned. Why not do a simple one for a wedding if you are a newbie? 

    Get yourself a golden eyeliner and a black one too. Experiment in your own bathroom, you never know you might come with something brilliant to kick off a wedding with!

    Did you find your look? Connect with us on Instagram and let us know. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more trends and tips!

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