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    Stereotyped Indian Beauty Products You Will Find At Home

    With India, we concentrate on beauty standards and products that have been here for years! Here are some to look into!
    Published -16 Nov 2021, 17:46 ISTUpdated -16 Nov 2021, 17:58 IST
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    With Indian homes, you can expect certain things to be found in every single one of them. Indian beauty standards have been very different from the rest of the world and to be honest, every continent, rather every geographic space has its own beauty standards to look into. 

    Here’s a list of beauty items that you’ll find in most Indian homes across the world!


    Indians swear by it! Boroline has been an antiseptic and also a beauty product for many individuals. On the side of a shelf in the bathrooms or in the makeup pouch, there is a fair amount of possibility to find this tube in green.  



    Petroleum jelly is anyway a blessing, moreover, a classic for the Indians is the Vaseline! Vaseline has been used for years and has always had an original physical appearance that has hardly been changed over the course.

    Vaseline too can be used as an antiseptic as well as a beauty product. 

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    Multani Mitti 

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    From what we know, multani mitti is highly credible for acne-prone skin and for removing excess amounts of oil from the face. 

    Multani mitti has been a home remedy for generations and has been carried forward with ‘gharelu nuskhas

    Dabur Rosewater 

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    Rosewater was the first type of cleanser and toner to be ever used by women. In India, we chose Dabur as our staple brand and is something most of us have to lie around in a corner within the fridge. 

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    Parachute Coconut Oil

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    Our grandparents have always asked us to keep our hair oiled at most times during our childhood, and many of us have followed throughout. That’s why we have had a preference for Parachute Coconut Oil and it is surely a need. 

    What has been your ‘gharelu nuska’? What have you had in your house for years? Let us know on our official Instagram account and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more. 

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