Here Is The Easiest Way To Clean Your Hair Straightener At Home

By Tanya Malik16 Oct 2018, 11:19 IST

Straight hair look great and are so manageable. If you aren't blessed with straight hair, the best way to achieve straight hair is by using a hair straightener. If you too love straight hair and use a hair straightener regularly then you must be knowing that your straightener needs cleaning every now and then. Using a dirty hair straightener can be really bad for your hair. Thus, it is important to clean your hair regularly. Cleaning your hair straightener is no science! It is super easy and quick. Here are two easy ways to clean your hair straightener:

Use Shampoo

Take some shampoo and apply it on a cotton pad. Rub it on your hair straightener plates to take off all the dirt. Now take a clean cloth or towel and wipe it all off. Your straightener is now ready! 

Use Wet Tissues

The easiest way to clean your hair straightener is using wet tissues. Wet tissues are easily available and can be used to clean your hair straightener quickly. Take one wet tissue and start wiping off all the dirt. Now clean with a dry cloth and your straightener is clean for use. 


Producer: Prabhjot Kaur

Editor: Syed Afraz