So on a certain day of the week, you plan on keeping a fast or when you have had enough of 'bahar ka khaana' or heavy dinners and lunches you want to take a break and go for the simplest of foods, the same thing happens with our skin as well.  When a lot of makeup has been sitting on our face for the past few days or when the entire working week we put some eyeliner and lipstick for basics, our skin tends to feel a bit toxic at times. Not just that, our pores need a break as well from all that foundation and compact that sit there and add a layer to our skin. But did you know that by giving a break to our skin every once in a while can actually add a glow to it just like food detox cleanses our system?!

All you have to do is rinse your face with plain water and not apply a thing! Here is some more fodder for you to ponder upon and make you understand what we are really talking about here. From benefits to how to do it the right way and what product can still be an exception, here is what you ought to know. 


So skin fasting is a term used when for a few days or a certain number of days you flaunt bare skin, apply no makeup... actually nothing on your face. It is good to take a break from your skincare products as well once in a while so that your skin can breathe.

How To?

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Just apply nothing and clean you skin with just water. However, what you can go for is a sunscreen or a moisturiser. 

How Many Times We Can Do This Detox?

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Do this detox every two to three months, every weekend when you are home or a few days every month. It is all upto you. If you think your face needs a break from those heavy creams and makeup layers depending upon how often you do it, then one day a week should be it. 

Skin detox is definitely very helpful for those people who apply anti-ageing products, skin lightening serums and creams or for those who wear a lot of makeup out of habit or occupational necessities.

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Also, another key point that you should remember is, use this detox time for having more and more water. First few days of detox might not look as good as you had imagined, but it is the fourth or fifth day when you feel that your skin has started behaving and accepting the fact that you will no more be feeding it all those products. Do stick to hydration as water keeps your skin healthy and glowing. 

So many celebs as well give their skin a break every once in a while. That includes Kareena, Aditi Rao Hydari, Jacqueline and Katrina. They do not shy away from showing their face sans makeup on social media either. Just recently did Kareena share a picture of her without makeup and looked good.

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