The makeup trends keep improving and adding new ways to enhance our looks. One such trend which everyone is trying and loving is putting the blush on the nose. We know you have been applying the blush on the apples of your cheeks all your life, and this is how it was supposed to be. But now the beauty world is going gaga over getting it on the nose too. Blush on the nose looks beautiful and gives a naturally flushed appearance to the face. Let’s look at the ways how the blush should be applied to the nose.

Prepping The Face

Always begin with prepping up your face before putting on any makeup product on your skin. Wash your face with a mild face wash and apply moisturizer to hydrate your skin. If you haven’t scrub your face in a long time then it’s a good idea to remove the dead cells first before applying makeup. Your makeup looks more natural when your skin is hydrated and pampered well beforehand. Once you have washed and moisturised your face, you should always apply the primer to smooth and even out your open pores and skin.

Setting Up The Base

blush on face

The base of your makeup plays a crucial part in achieving a natural and flawless look. The smooth base is also important to hold on to the other products which will be applied on top of it. Start by concealing the pigmentations and minor flaws like acne scars on the face. Give special attention to the nose and the areas around it where it is more likely to have pigmented skin. Once you have applied the concealer in dots, then take a beauty blender and dab the product gently all over the face. If you are someone dealing with dark circles then it is better to use a colour corrector before applying your concealer to get an even skin tone.

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Putting on The Blush

blush for nose

It’s time to have that natural pinkish and flushed look on your cheeks and nose. Take your blush and gently dab the blush brush in the product. Now blow out or tap the brush to remove the excess blush powder, then smile and apply the blush by sweeping it on the apples of your cheeks along with the bridge of your nose. Another way of applying the blush to the nose is by just putting the blush on the tip of your nose, instead of the bridge. We would recommend you to try both ways and decide which one suits your face better. It is also important to go for cool shades of blush for your nose and cheeks to avoid any unnatural look.

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Finishing Touch


Once you have applied the blush on your cheeks and nose, run a fluffy brush through your face with some loose powder to complete the makeup. Don’t forget to apply mascara, eye shadow, and your favourite shade of lipstick or gloss to dazzle like a diva.

We hope you found these tips for applying the blush on the nose useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more such stories.