Learn The Easy Way Of Applying Fake Eyelashes

By Kishori Sud14 Nov 2018, 17:41 IST

With the wedding season on, make-up becomes an integral part and we are looking at different techniques to look good during this time. Starting with the latest trend of fake eyelashes, we present to you a quick and easy way of applying them.

  • Before applying the fake eyelashes always make sure that you do your eye make-up before.
  • Next, take your fake eyelashes which come in different sizes and if you have a bigger one, simply cut it accordingly. 
  • Now, take the fake eyelashes and apply the glue which is specifically made for these lashes, on the crease of it an then place it right on the line where your eyelashes are. 
  • Let it dry for a minute.
  • Next, cover it up with a black eyeliner so that the ends are not that visible.
  • We suggest you use your mascara next and apply on your fake and real eyelashes as well and merge the two for a cleaner finish. 
Producer: Prabhjot Kaur
Editor: Syed Afraz