In order to enhance our beauty, we follow certain skincare regimen, apply nourishing products, and spend time pampering ourselves. While a few people don’t do as much as required for their bodies, others end up doing things that are not even necessary. Grooming every part of the body is great, however, one should stop if it is not beneficial and is doing no good to your body. How advantageous one beauty habit can be, totally depend on person to person, but there are also things that are almost useless for everyone. Some of the time-wasting beauty habits that we all must stop doing are: 

Picking Your Nails

Picking your nails regularly has almost no benefits, instead, this irritates the skin under the nail and could leave you with shorter nail beds. We are not asking you to not clean your nails, but instead use an efficient, less time consuming and skin-friendly method to remove pesky dirt. If you have short nails, you must be more specific about how you treat them. The best way to get rid of dirt is to dip your fingernails in water with a few drops of alcohol. Then clean it with a mascara wand gently. This will not harm your skin and will also scrubber out the impurities. 

Bubble Baths

Bubble Baths

If the bubble bath helps you to feel rejuvenated after a hectic day, go on with it. But, if you are having a bubble bath to benefit your skin, we are sorry to break this news to you, but it is not doing any good for your skin. The shower gels and soaps typically are packed with drying agents, such as alcohol. These elements strip your skin of moisture and make it dry and in some cases flaky. If you’re looking for a soothing bath experience with skincare benefits, it’s ideal to go for products that have skin-nourishing ingredients. Some of your best and cheap options are honey, oatmeal, or milk.

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Moisturising Again & Again

Unless and until you have really dry skin, moisturising constantly won’t do any favours. However, even there is a limit to applying this product on dry-patchy skin. Going overboard with serums and creams will increase your chances of having pimples and breakouts. Not only this, but one can also face premature ageing if they keep over-moisturising. While you apply a moisturiser, your purpose should only be to make your skin healthy and clean, and not overburdened with the product. Let your natural oils also do some good for your skin! 

Cutting Your Cuticles

Cutting Your Cuticles

There is a reason behind every organ that we have on our bodies, including the teeny-tiny cuticles. Its task is to protect the nail from infections. However, over the years the trend of trimming those off, to make the nail look longer, has garnered much attention. So much that a few started cutting the cuticles very often and too much. Don’t open the doors for bacterial infections and irritate your skin. All you should do is, push back the cuticles a bit, using a Q-tip. 

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Applying Toner

Let’s give rest to toners for once and for all, as it is a thing of the past. Back in the years, the cleansers that were available had high pH value, enough for making skin rough and dry. Hence, toners were introduced, it has a less acidic component and doesn’t damage the skin. But, now that you have products that are mild and doesn’t irritate the skin, you don’t need toners. Especially using toners after cleaning your face is a big no-no! 

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