We all love pampering our skin. From trying new skin care products to trying our own homemade ones, the pandemic has completely changed our relationship with our skin. Earlier skincare used to be a luxury that we would only enjoy during the weekends or sometimes not even then. Now, skincare has become a routine. 

Having said that, we all know the amount of money that we have come to spend on skincare is humongous. While you may want to convince yourself otherwise, did you know that some of the skincare products that you have been using are actually a waste of money? Here is a list of all those skincare products that are actually absolutely useless!

Sheet Mask

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Let us address the one thing that you feel is the most important part of your skincare routine. Sheet masks are damp sheets with holes cut for eyes and nose and claim to have some extremely essential skincare minerals and ingredients! We know it may sound really exciting to come back home all tired and open a pack of sheet mask and just put that cold mask on your face and feel the freshness of the 'fresh' gel! However, why would you open a packaged mask dampened with processed ingredients instead of just applying fresh aloe vera gel on your face? This way you will save money and be sure of the quality of the product!

Store-Bought Lip Scrub 

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Dead skin cells on the lips have really begun to bother us. The darkness that they cause on our lips makes our entire face look dull. This is why lip scrubs have been trending these days. However, let us tell you that instead of spending money on expensive lip scrubs, you should make one instead right at home! It is easy to make, you can pick your own ingredients, it is natural and cost-effective!

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Toe Cream

What is it about your toes that make it so special that you feel the need to spend on a cream that is exclusively for toes? Why must toes be given a treatment any different from the rest of your foot and leg? No answer? Then stop spending on this product! Use your normal body cream for every part of your body and stop discriminating between body parts!

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Nail Cream

If toe creams did not give you a laugh, we are sure the concept of nail cream will! They assure nail health and growth. Let us tell you, your nail health completely depends on how you take care of them. You must keep them away from dampness to avoid toenail fungus. If you have applied nail paint, remove it once in a while to let your nails breath. Taking care of your nails in these ways will ensure their health, you do not have to spend on expensive creams for that.

Makeup Remover

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After coming back from a party, the first thing we do is use our extremely expensive makeup remover to get our face rid of all the makeup. While removing makeup is extremely essential and ensures skin health, something as simple as coconut oil can do the trick! In fact, removing makeup using coconut oil not only removes makeup but also leaves your skin moisturised after it!  

We hope you will soon rid yourself of these products! If you liked this article, stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such articles!