The market is flooded with loads of products that claim to cater to the different needs of your skin types. And I am someone who is always on the lookout for something that is soft and effective on my skin. My skin is both oily and dry and thus I always fail at finding the perfect skincare range for myself. Recently I came across customized products by Skinkraft, and I have been using them for some time now. Below is a detailed review of their Syndet Face Cleanser and Barrier Repair Gel.


Skinkraft face cleanser and gel review

The company claims to deliver products according to your skin type. It further claims to ensure the deep cleansing of impurities, while maintaining the pH level of the skin, the hydration of the skin, and in addition to that, repairing and protecting the skin.  These products also eliminate impurities your skin problems as they are customized according to your skin.

The Key Ingredients In The Products 

Skinkraft face cleanser and gel review

Syndet Face Cleanser

The presence of syndet helps in the excellent skin compatibility of the product. The pH-balanced formulation protects the skin barriers and prevents irritation. Syndet also helps in retaining the moisture in the skin. It, therefore, shields, protects, and cleanses the skin, both at the same time.

The Barrier Protect Gel

Skinkraft face cleanser and gel review

This gel comes with barrier-protecting ingredients that go well with both normal and dry skin.  It is also great for instant hydration of the skin. The ceramide-infused formulation helps in repairing the natural barriers of the skin.


Skinkraft face cleanser and gel review

The packaging of the products was quite impressive. The products came with a sturdy cardboard box with a magnetic seal, inside which was a small paper bag and which held the products safely.  The products themselves came with a nozzle lock in order to block and spillage during transit.

Skinkraft face cleanser and gel review

The Texture & Fragrance

Skinkraft face cleanser and gel review

The texture and fragrance of the products are perhaps satisfying as the cleanser is gel-based and transparent and has a mild note of the refreshing fragrance. In addition to that, the gel is creamy and not gel-like, it is thin and has a tint of fragrance to it too.


Coming to the most important part that holds a lot of weightage is the price is Rs.499 each.  And you can buy the entire customized kit between Rs. 999 - Rs. 1499 along with a face toner on different websites online.

My Experience

Skinkraft face cleanser and gel review

Like I explained earlier that my skin needed a product that helps in oil control as well as moisture lock. And starting with the face cleanser, I found it really great as it cleanses my skin thoroughly without making it dry or stretched.  However, it also doesn't make me feel over moisturised and maintains the right balance. 

Moving on, talking about the gel, I expected it to be a gel-like potion but the product is more like a thin creme. The nozzle squeezes out just the right amount of the product in your hand for use once and it does actually instantly hydrates the skin and makes it feel lighter and softer.  I would recommend these products to others as they can be customized and can also be gifted.

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Skinkraft face cleanser and gel review

  • Skin-friendly
  • Maintain skin pH
  • Hydrating
  • Non-greasy
  • Prevent Bacteria 


  • Are not long-lasting.

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