Yes, the work from home routine has helped us in avoiding the sun, the tanning, and all that sweating, but is it really good for our skin?  Looking at the screen all the time be it on the laptop or on the cellphone for working or binging on web series, is not just ruining our eyes and sleep but our skin as well! You may want to bring a change in your routine before it becomes worse. Read on to understand better.

The lockdown has been saving our skin from the UV Rays but what about the blue light that the screens of our biggest addictions omit? With our screen time increasing by many hours in the past few months, we are unknowingly accelerating the signs of ageing and stressors in our skin which lead to acne and pigmentation. 

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The blue light from electronic gadgets is extremely dangerous and works more like slow poison. It doesn't just cause insomnia but also makes you short-tempered due to less sleep, causes fatigue, and affects your mental health. The light can make your skin more sensitive and take away the natural shine it has. 

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To protect yourself, make a schedule on how much screen time do you really need and adhere to it. Take a break every half hour. It is important to use a lip balm with SPF in it. 

Read books, cool down with a sheet mask every day for 30 minutes at max and also try to add a jade roller to your skincare routine as it cools it down and refreshes your skin. 

Drink a lot of water and step out for a walk or a run with your face masks on, to give your skin exposure to fresh air. 

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Wear 99%-100% UV absorption sunglasses whenever you have to step out even if it is for grocery shopping.

Make it a practice to keep your phones in night mode because that cancels out the blue light and converts into yellow light. It is soothing for your eyes and doesn't harm your skin. 

Have vitamin C rich food items because they will help in fighting against pigmentation. 

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Agreed that we are hardly getting time for ourselves during this work from home process but it does not mean that we give up on everything else. It is best to accept it and make a routine in sync with it. Give up the phone for a minimum of 2 hours before sleep and pamper yourself for 30 minutes every night. Adopt a skincare routine, have a bath with your favourite essential oil drops mixed in the water.  Make yourself a mug of chamomile tea and read a book (anything that does not disturb your sleep). 

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