Just like us, babies and young children need some pampering. However, their skin care and hair care routine should be completely different because their skin and hair are a lot more tender and require to be treated gently. 

Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain shared that the skin of babies and young children should be treated with mild soaps and shampoos. Further, she shared how massaging is beneficial for babies and growing children. 

Benefits Of Massage For Children

The expert shared that massaging the baby's skin with oil before bathing helps keep their skin soft and clean. She shared that massages play a key role in the healthy emotional development of the baby. 

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According to Ayurveda, a massage is believed to work as a therapy for babies and young children. It helps them maintain a healthy body and mind. As per a lot of modern studies, massaging can help strengthen a child's emotional bonding with their parent. This is because the baby feels a sense of security and mental well-being. 

Other than the mental benefits, a massage gives the baby some physical benefits too. During the initial months, the baby doesn't have any physical activity. So, a good massage can help in blood circulation and toning of muscles which further contributes to their growth.

Best Oil For Baby Massage

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The expert shared that according to Ayurveda, the selection of the massage oil should be done according to the season. She shared that olive and coconut oil are best for the hot summer season. Almond oil should be picked for massage during the winter season. Sesame seed or til oil can be used in any season. 

It is important to ensure that the oil used for massage is completely pure and doesn't have any heavy fragrance.

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Tips To Prevent Rashes

Pricky heat and rashes are quite common among babies and infants because of the use of diapers. To prevent these, it is important to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. If your baby has a rash for more than a day then you should consult a doctor before giving them a massage. Using some baby powder can help keep the diaper area dry. Make sure you do not use too much powder as it can get collected on the baby's skin. 

shahnaz husain tips for babies

Hair Care For Babies And Young Children

Both babies and young children need to have a regular hair cleansing routine. Regular shampoos can help prevent the development of scaly conditions on the scalp. For babies, baby gently oil can be used on the scalp if there is a scaly condition. It can be left for about a day and then washed. Always use gentle baby shampoo to wash their hair. 

When washing the baby's scalp, always pour water from front to back so that the water doesn't fall over their face. 

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Young children too can wash their hair frequently, especially during this hot weather but make sure they use a mild shampoo. A very little quantity of shampoo should be used if they wash their hair everyday. 

Children who are close to entering teenage are more prone to dandruff. It shouldn't be neglected as it can lead to rashes and spots on the skin. If the child faces severe condition and itching then you should consult a dermatologist immediately. 

To prevent any hair issues, it is important to keep the scalp clean and healthy. Those suffering from dandruff should wash their hair thrice a week with a mild herbal shampoo. A mix of lemon and water can be used as a last rinse after shampoo. 

Remedy For Lice

Lice is a common issue among young children and an easy remedy to treat it is using vinegar. Simply applying vinegar over the scalp and hair can help. Keep for an hour and then use a fine lice comb to remove all the lice stuck to the hair. Vinegar helps in loosening up the lice and makes them easier to remove. 

Next, wash the hair with a mild shampoo. Use a mix of vinegar and water as the last rinse. Comb again with a lice comb. This should be done everyday for one week. 

The expert shared that neem leaves too can be used to treat lice. In hot water, add some neem leaves and heat on a low flame. Take off flame and let the leaves soak in water overnight. The next morning, strain this water and use it as a last rinse after shampoo. After washing your hair, use a fine lice comb to remove the lice. 

We hope these tips help you take utmost care of your baby and young kids' skin and hair. 

Shahnaz Husain is a well-known beauty and wellness expert. She is the managing director of the Shahnaz Husain Group. For more tips from the expert, stay tuned!