Holi has been a festival of joy and colours for a very long time now. Back in the yesteryears, people used to play Holi with absolutely organic colours. Those colours were extracted from vegetable dyes, flowers and other such home ingredients and these colours never harmed the skin or hair since they were completely organic. But now we use artificial colours that are filled with glass, mica, lead, acids and whatnot. They are responsible for damaging the skin big time during Holi. 

They may result in irritation, inflammation and dermatitis in the skin and scalp Further they may also lead to allergic rashes, pimples, acne, skin and scalp dryness, flaking and rough reddish patches etc. These chemicals get collected over the scalp and then cause dullness, dryness and unmanageable hair. Therefore here are some amazing DIY options to make your own colours and be safe this Holi.

How To Make Natural Colours

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  • Simmer Tesu flowers in water. Leave overnight. Strain and use water to play Holi. Tesu flowers leave a yellow colour. 
  • Mix some henna powder with gram flour and there comes the organic green colour.
  • You can also use turmeric powder as yellow colour both dry and wet. Mix it with some gram flour or boil in water.
  • Similarly, boil som beetroot in water and then leave it overnight for a fantastic red-pink colour.
  • Peels of red pomegranate also give a red pigment that gives a red colour.  
  • Red sandalwood powder is another ingredient that gives out the red colour can be used dry and wet colour. 

Natural Remedies for Skin and Hair

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  • The first remedy is using sesame seed oil for the removal of colours from your skin. Just massage some oil over the skin and this will not only make your skin naturally better but will also help you get rid of the colours, but will also protect the skin. This oil is also great for sun tan removal and other skin problems caused due to the heat. Just take some oil on your loofah and scrub well all over the affected area.
  • Take 4 tablespoons of curd and add some turmeric and honey to it. Gently massage all over your skin and you will notice how quickly the colours get of the skin. This will also make your skin brighter and smoother.
  • Crush some sesame seeds in a bowl and then soak them in water for a night. The next day, strain the seeds and use the water over your skin, hair this will replenish the shine and will also repair the damaged caused.
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  • Take some aloe vera gel, curd and add gram flour to it. Make a fine paste and apply to the face for 20 minutes. This will hydrate and nourish the face, make your face look flawless and will also induce a natural glow on the skin. 
  • Make a marigold face and hair rinse to revitalise your skin and hair after Holi. Mix the dried marigold leaves into a cup of hot water and let it stay overnight. Rinse your face and hair with the water and you will notice your skin becoming softer and your hair getting all smoother.  Alternatively, you can also take a cup of marigold flowers. Crush them with fingers and add 2 teaspoons olive oil. Blend well. Add the mixture to warm bathwater. 

Shahnaz Husain helps you celebrate Holi with the healing power of herbs and wishes you “Safe and Happy Holi”! 

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Shahnaz Husain’s Herbal Gulal re-captures Holi during the ancient times, when vegetable dyes, flowers and plant products were used to obtain colours. Those colours were far better than the artificial colours we get today. The Herbal Gulal contains ingredients like turmeric, marigold, rose petals, rattan jot, henna, and red sandalwood powder. Maize powder and gram flour form the natural bases. Turmeric, marigold and sandalwood have powerful antiseptic and germicidal properties, while rose tones and softens the skin. Rattanjot imparts a red colour. It helps to soften skin texture and has been traditionally used as a food colour. It has also been used in Ayurvedic prescriptions to prevent hair loss.

Shahnaz Husain is a leading Beauty expert who crafts timeless home remedies and herbal products that can help you get rid of your skin problem easily. Not only in India, but Shahnaz is known globally for her pioneering stand in the beauty industry.

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