It is so important to wash your face with a good face wash to clear off all the dust. This dust collects in the skin pores and leads to acne and pimples. One big struggle for anyone who has oily or acne-prone skin is that it is difficult to find a face wash that suits the skin. 

I have oily skin and was looking for a good face wash for a long time now. I recently got this face wash called Schloka neem and gotukola. Did it work for my skin? Read my review here.


schloka face wash neem

This face wash is enriched with purifying neem and gotukola that removes impurities and excess surface oil without over drying the skin. It makes skin feel fresh and rejuvenated. 


INR 198 for 60 ML


packaging neem face wash

Comes in silver glossy packaging. This face wash comes in a regular squeezy plastic face wash bottle. 


The fragrance is light and fresh. This face wash is transparent and has a gel-like consistency.

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My Experience

face wash gotukola review

My skin is really oily and sticky and I can't do without washing my face 2-3 times a day. I really like this face wash, it feels smooth on the skin and leaves it fresh. The neem in the face gives a nice, refreshing fragrance that stays for long. 

The best part is that when I use it after coming back home from work then it clears off all the dirt from my face in a jiffy. My skin feels fresh after a long tiring day. I purchased this face wash for it has ingredients like neem and gotukola and I think it was a good decision. A little amount of the face wash goes a long way and it clears the skin of all the dust. 


  • Works for acne prone/oily skin
  • Doesn't dry out the skin
  • Leaves skin smooth and fresh
  • Light fragrance
  • Affordable


  • None for me


I am really happy with this face wash. It works for oily and acne prone skin.

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