If you believe in sun signs then we all know that each zodiac has a different personality. While some are dominating, some are passive, some have a feminine touch in their nature while some resonate with a masculine trait. There are many notes in every fragrance and they all define the person wearing them. So here is a list of perfume notes as per the zodiac sign, check out which one is yours. 

Sheetal Desai, a perfume maker, and owner at wiSDom, told HerZindagi that as per the "concept of Astrology, the universe is being guided by a uniform order, governed by a universal thread – the zodiacs - that have an influence on the lives of the people. The cosmic bodies that are bound with a pattern of movement are representative of this universal order. Everything including our own lives is a manifestation of this universal order and hence there is consistency in the behaviour and choices of people as categorised by zodiac signs.

"Whether you read your horoscopes daily or you choose to ignore, there are patterns observed in the buying habits of people of same zodiac signs. When it comes to perfumes and fragrances, many observations have been made about the notes that suit a person." 

Here is a list of notes that go with your personality:


spice notes

As the first sign of the zodiac, fire sign Aries has confident leaders, who are often as headstrong as they are goal-driven. Stubborn and fiery, they are a go-getter who proceeds full-steam ahead with all things in life.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: Fine woody blends suit their passionate and loyal nature and spice notes complement their impulsiveness, fiery and competitive attitude.


citrus notes

“The Twins,” Gemini is an air sign known for expertly displaying two separate sides to the world. One of the most emotionally intelligent signs in the zodiac, this sign loves experiencing new things.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: Citrus notes go well with their energetic, light and airy trait and woody blend works best for their loyal, emotional and deep nature.


As an earth sign, Taurus is ambitious, passionate and hard-working, they demand the best from everyone around them, including themselves, but remain reliable and loyal as friends, colleagues and partners.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: Floral and fougere blends compliment their passionate attitude and Woody notes suit their loyal and hardworking nature.


This water sign is generous, creative, independent and loyal. Cancerians are often called psychic for their ability to intuit what’s about to happen. The emotional heart of the zodiac, this sign would do any and everything for those they care about, making them the ultimate best friend and shoulder to cry on.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: Solid blends of woods and spices complement their traits like generousness, creativity and independent nature.


A fire sign, Leo is a natural-born leader in all things. This sign knows what it wants and will work incredibly hard to get there.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: Fruity scents complement their smart and friendly nature. Floral blends suit their passionate attitude and amber or woody blends suit their courageousness. They also tend to choose leathery and spicy scents


This air sign is intelligent and kind which is known for making big plans but has some trouble with following-through. Equipped with an active, creative imagination, this sign values harmony.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: citrus and floral blends work well with their harmonious nature. Vanilla scents compliment their kind behavior and gourmand fragrance suits their creativity.


Grounded as an earth sign, Virgos are practical, no-nonsense and methodical in their approach to friends, relationships and life.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: They tend to choose lighter scents that are fresh, clean and crisp. Intelligent, practical, kind for Virgos the best fragrances would be vanilla, musk and woody scents.


marine notes

Ruled by the ocean as a water sign, Scorpio is headstrong, passionate, independent and lives by the old adage of “my way or the highway.” Much like their scorpion namesake, they have a tendency to have a shell or wall up to protect any vulnerabilities, and it can take a bit of effort to get past this.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: Marine and Ozonic blends suit them well as they are a water sign. Fougere/lavender notes suit their headstrong and passionate behaviour. Moss notes suit their independent nature.

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Ever-feisty, this fire sign is an effortless leader which isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Despite their straightforward nature, the sign is generous, open-hearted and trustworthy. Creative and imaginative, this sign makes for a great friend and better leader.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: Vanilla and musk blends suit their warmth, generous nature. Spice notes suit their trustworthiness and feistiness and fresh green notes suit their imaginativeness.

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Free-spirited as their air sign, Aquarians are independent and unique, with each possessing different qualities and shying away from being able to fit into any one category or label. They want justice and equality, and most of all want to make the world a better place than how they found it.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: Amber oud and floral blends suit their unique and free-spirited nature.

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Resolute and steady, this earth sign is smart and hard-working — once they put their mind to something, they make it happen. Lovers of rules, order and organisation, this sign is a perfectionist and values look and appearances.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: Notes that suit them best are fruity and floral blends for their friendly attitude and woody scents suit their hard-working nature.


water floral

As a water sign, Pisces is sensitive, creative, intelligent and has a strong emotional and moral compass guiding them between right and wrong. Trustworthy, intuitive and at times psychic, this sign’s gut should be trusted when it comes to determining whether situations and people are good or bad.

Notes that suit them as per their traits: Watery florals best suit their sensitive nature; Woody blends go along well with their trustworthiness and musk scents compliments their intelligence.

So which one is yours? Do you already have these notes in your collection of perfumes? Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on fragrances and zodiac signs.