Honestly, we can't thank Mira Kapoor enough for sharing her skincare secrets with us. All those who follow her on social media know she has a flawless skin and she doesn't keep the secrets to herself. 

The celebrity wife has millions of fans online who love her for her skincare advice. She keeps sharing her skincare routines, favourite home remedies for skincare, quick beauty hacks with her followers on Instagram. 

This time, Mira Kapoor took us through her travel skincare and makeup routine. If you have followed her makeup and skincare regime earlier, you know she follows the 'less is more' mantra. If you are a frequent traveller, note her simple skincare and makeup routine. 

Mira Kapoor's Travel Skincare Routine 

Step 1 - Hydrating Serum

Mira Kapoor began with pushing some hydrating serum on her face.

Step 2 - Vitamin C Serum

vitamin c serum

She followed with using pushing a vitamin C serum on her face and neck. In the video, she mentioned that one must not skip the neck.

Step 3 - Moisturiser

moisturiser mira kapoor

Mira Kapoor then applied her moisturiser into the skin. She gave it a light massage using her fingers. 

Step 4 - Sunscreen

Then she applied sunscreen on her face and neck. An essential, whether you are travelling or not to prevent your skin from getting damaged from the harmful rays of the sun.

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Mira Kapoor's Travel Makeup Routine

As aforementioned, Mira Kapoor loves going minimal with her makeup so she just sticks to the basics. Like in the video she just used 4 makeup products to do her full makeup. 


Mira Kapoor began with dabbing some concealer under her eyes to cover the pigmented under eye area. On days you want to go light on your skin, using concealer on areas required and dabbing it gently can do the trick. It gives you an even base and doesn't feel heavy on the face. 

Eyebrow Pencil

She next brushed her eyebrows and filled it with an eyebrow pencil.

Cheek Tint 

For that natural flush, she used a cheek tint on the apples of her cheek.


Mira Kapoor finished off her makeup with a minimal lipstick.

Lastly, she tied her hair in a high ponytail and wore a mask. Mira Kapoor's travel beauty routine is indeed easy peasy, no?

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Mira Kapoor's Travel Beauty Tips

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On her post, Mira Kapoor shared how she always struggled to travel light but with time she got a hang of travelling with fewer things and streamlined her beauty routine. 

She shared that she uses less things in general so it wasn't difficult to downsize everything for her travel bag. 

Mira Kapoor shared that thought her choices of products have changed through time, her practices haven't. She always removes her makeup before bed, does a quick face massage and never leaves home without a sunscreen. 

Post COVID-19, she used to put just a lip balm on her lips for the longest time since the lipstick would get smudged with the mask. However, now, she is slowly getting back to it. She shared that using a lipstick makes her feel great, complete and happy. But she told everyone to not forget to wash their masks. 

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