Our skin starts to look dull if we don't pay attention to it. I keep looking for new skin products for my skin so that it feels healthy and fresh. So, recently, I visited the Miniso store near me and came across these facial masks. 

These were available in 4 variants and I picked the Rose one. This one is a tone-up mask that claimed extra hydration. My skin feels dry this season so I decided to go for this one. Here is my review.


INR 60


face mask sheets

Comes in a regular facial mask packaging with one single serum sheet. 

How To Use?

You just need to keep it on your face for about 10 to 15 minutes. Post that you can remove it. Start massaging the excess serum on your face. Make sure you avoid contact with eyes. 

My Experience


It was Sunday and I want to pamper my skin a little. I decided to use this facial mask. This is really easy to use, comes with a lot of serum. I loved the rosy fragrance. My face felt really soft and smooth after using the mask. The best part is that my face looked instantly brighter post using this face mask. Perfect for days when your skin feels dull.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Instant glow
  • Rosy fragrance
  • Variants available
  • Skin feels softer


None for me


Definitely worth a try! This one doesn't cost much and you can try it once at least.