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  • Archana Kasana
  • Editorial

Follow These Tips And Hacks To Get A Flawless Makeup For Your Textured Skin

If you have textured skin and you are looking for ways to achieve flawless makeup then these tips are for you.
  • Archana Kasana
  • Editorial
Published -21 May 2021, 08:00 ISTUpdated -20 May 2021, 11:59 IST
prepping face for textured skinmain

When we put so much effort and time into putting makeup on our skin, we all want to have a flawless result. However, it can be very frustrating when we try out to even our textured skin but it ends up looking cakey. It is hard to blend the products on rough and bumpy skin and hiding the textures before stepping out for any special occasion. So, how do we prevent this? Don’t worry we have the solution for all your problems. Here are some simple tips and tricks that you can follow, to achieve an even and smooth makeup look.

Deep Cleaning The Skin

We know that you’re well aware of putting makeup on a cleansed face and neck, but we still wanted to remind you. Most people just splash some water in the morning and think their skin is clean. However, your face needs to be cleaned deeply using a face wash or cleanser before applying any makeup. If you haven’t exfoliated your skin in a long time then it is a good idea to remove all the dead skin cells, before putting on any cosmetic on your face. The goal is to achieve the natural glow of your skin before perfecting it with makeup.

Hydration Is The Key

textured skin hydration

This is a no-brainer that keeping yourself hydrated is not only good for your skin but also benefits your overall health. If your skin is not hydrated from within and moisturized properly you won’t be able to achieve a flawless look. Drink enough amount of water throughout the day, and apply face oil or serums like hyaluronic acid right before the makeup, to prevent any flakiness on the skin. When your skin is truly hydrated you won’t have to deal with issues like dull or dehydrated skin. It is difficult to apply makeup on rough skin as compared to one that is smooth and hydrated.

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Start With A Primer

textured skin makeup tips

Many of us skip using a primer and straightaway jump to using a foundation first. We don’t realize the importance of prepping our face before applying makeup. People with textured skin often face the issue of a foundation or concealer getting accumulated in pores. When you apply a primer before anything else it evens out the texture and pores on the face. Primer also creates a barrier between your skin and the product applied to it, thus protecting it from any harm.

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Using The Right Tools

textured skin makeup hacks

This rule is applied to everyone but especially for the ones with textured skin. No matter how expensive your products are if you’re not using a correct brush or a sponge your makeup will end up looking uneven and unnatural. It is easier to cover up the textures of your skin using a sponge, but if you don’t have one then a stippling foundation brush will work. Always dab your foundation using a sponge, and blend in circulation motion using a brush. The key is to blend in all the products nicely so that your face does not have separate layers of a bronzer, blush, or concealer.

We hope you found these makeup tips for textured skin useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for such stories.


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