Master The Art Of Contouring, Highlighting & Shaping Your Eyebrows The Right Way

By Kishori Sud18 Sep 2018, 10:49 IST

With so many make-up trends catching up, there is a right ay to do your contouring, highlighting your cheekbones and filling in your eyebrows. Here are some tips from Make-up artiste Jasneet Kaur which could help you while getting ready for the next cocktails party or wedding that you got to attend.


The product that I am going to be using is a bronzer which will be applied using a contour brush. It's an angled contour brush which will help to fill in the hollows of my cheeks. After that sculpt your jawline. The only reason we really contour is to sculpt our face and give it a more chiseled look. After the cheeks, switch to the hairline and then your nose. Just make two lines just following the shape of your nose, and for the cheeks, just fill in the hollows. Tjis makes your face more chiseled and thinner.


Invest in a good highlighter and use a fan brush for the same. Highlight your cheekbones, and all the high points of your face. Do not forget the bridge of your nose, forhead and cheekbones.


First just comb up your eyebrows to see its natural shape. After that, fill in some colour. Just try not to make too unrealistic. Stick to a lighter colour.