Beauty Expert Jasneet Kaur Gives Us Tips On Skin Care

By Anupam Dabral24 Aug 2018, 09:12 IST

Makeup certainly helps in enhancing your features, but taking care of its base i.e your skin is also important. In a day-to-day scenario, applying makeup is a usual practice but at the same time, one needs to hold in mind the harm these chemically loaded products can do your skin. Therefore understanding how to clean your skin, tone it and moisturize it is important.

Our beauty expert Jasneet Kaur is schooling us on how to get on with a few such steps.


Exposure to a lot of heat, dust, and pollution can negatively impact your skin. The dirt settles in and leads to issues such as acne outbreaks and pimples. And also all those makeup lovers out there, also use beauty products regularly. Therefore to protect your skin having a good face wash is very important. Try not to use the usual soaps as they can make your skin dry.


Toning helps to close your pores and leading to water retention. So, in case if your skin is rough and dry, ensure that you use your toner regularly.

Use A Moisturizer Regularly 

We all love a supple and hydrated skin and moisturizing helps in the process. Whatever skin type you may have, dry, oily or combination a good moisturiser needs to be a part of your beauty regime. Also, moisturize your face once every morning and once before you sleep.

Sunscreen With A Broad SPF 

Having a good sunscreen in your beauty pouch is a must. So whether you are heading out of the house or staying in-doors apply sunscreen to ensure that it’s covered from all the harmful pollutants and bacteria. Invest in a sunscreen with a broad SPF and make it a part of your daily routine.

Stay Hydrated 

Drinking ample amount of water throughout the day is important. Ideally one must drink at least 3 liters of water every day. And once you start consuming enough of water, you will the changes in your skin.