The sun can damage our hair to a great extent. The UVA rays that are emitted from the sun can damage the outer cover of the hair cuticle. This can further lead to hair problems like discolouration of hair, breakage of hair, split ends, thinning of hair, frizziness and dryness. 

We know that to protect our skin from the damage caused by the sun we need to be very particular with our sunscreen routines. But we don’t really know exactly what to do to prevent our hair from suffering the immense heat of the sun.

Well, that’s not a problem at all, because we are here to tell you all about how you can make your hair super smooth and sunproof in the summer season by applying homemade sunscreen for hair. So, read on and find out the benefits of using a hair sunscreen and also see how you can make it.

Benefits Of Hair Sunscreens

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You might know that hair sunscreen is really available in the market and they are one of the most trending things that everyone is going gaga for. Until now we all were just protecting the hair superficially from the harmful rays of the sun without knowing that sunscreens that can protect and guard our hair against the sun are now available everywhere. And these sunscreens filter out the UV rays, keeping the cuticles of the hair intact. Not only that but it can also help you get rid of problems like dryness, frizziness, lifelessness, lack of lustre, split ends, etc. and more.

Hair sunscreens have the following benefits: 

  • It is very beneficial for the hair shaft and protects and nourishes them nicely.
  • Filters out the UV damage.
  • Reduces the thinning.
  • Improves hair growth.
  • Makes hair shinier and smoother.
  • Also repairs the cuticles and makes the hair less frizzy and more vibrantly coloured.

Therefore, you should go ahead and definitely cover your hair with hair sunscreen. Just take a look at the following recipe for making it and how you should apply it.

How To Make DIY Hair Sunscreen

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Grapeseed And Rosewater Sunscreen

Grapeseed is great for your hair, it nourishes, protects and supplies the hair with the much-needed moisture. Also, the rosewater keeps a check on the hydration levels.  All you have to do is mix 2-3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil and a spray bottle full of rosewater. Shake it nicely to blend the liquids well. Then just spray using a regular spray bottle, just spray the liquid sunscreen over your hai and you will be done.

Lavender And White Tea Cream

Lavender is a deep conditioner it protects the hair from sun damage and makes the scalp far more moisturised, stimulating hair growth. Take 5 drops of lavender oil and add 2 tea bags of white tea to this. Transfer this mixture in a water bottle and then spray or apply with your hair covering each strand and you are done.

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Zinc Sunscreen

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Zinc is again very beneficial for your hair as it directly traps the Uv rays and promises to return the quality that was there earlier.  All you have to do is mix 6 ounces of distilled water, non-nano zinc and a few drops of argan oil. Mix all of these in a bottle and then spray over hair for young and beautiful looking hair.

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