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    Make Your Lipstick Mask Proof With This Quick Guide

    Opt for matte lipstick formulas, they dry quickly and are usually transfer proof. 
    Published -31 May 2021, 17:32 ISTUpdated -13 Dec 2021, 18:30 IST
    easy tips to make lipstick last for longer period of time

    With the second wave of COVID-19 hitting us and the entire nation being under lockdown again, it looks like the face masks aren't going anyway. Just like our clothes, a face mask has become an everyday essential.

    Yes, the face mask does prevent us from the coronavirus but it has the power to spoil our beautifully coloured lips in a jiffy. Lipstick lovers, we know your struggle, it breaks our heart to see the lipstick bleed after removing the face mask. How to make it stay? 

    Well, making your lipstick stay even after wearing a mask might sound challenging but it isn't really. Here is a quick 4 step guide that will help you make your lipstick mask-proof. Read on. 

    Step 1: Use A Lip Balm

    lip balm lipstick mask proof

    If your lips aren't smooth and soft, the lipstick won't anyway stay and start to break from the corner or the center from where your lips have started to tear. To create a smooth foundation for your lipstick, it is important to hydrate your lips. You can use any lip balm of your choice. Let it stay for at least 15-20 minutes. 

    Step 2: Line Your Lips

    Applying a lip liner always helps. It not only helps to enhance the shape of your lips, making them look more defined and fuller but also prevents the lip colour from fading. It creates a boundary for the lipstick and prevents it from bleeding from the sides. 

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    Step 3: Apply Lipstick

    lipstick long stay

    Though you can choose any among a matte or a glossy lipstick, we suggest you choose a matte lipstick as they stay for a longer period of time. Glossy/regular lipsticks tend to bleed more. Apply the lipstick generously. 

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    Step 4: Use Some Loose Powder

    Using some loose powder over your lipstick can help you make your lip colour stay for longer. Dip a fluffy brush in some loose powder and gently brush it over your lipstick. The loose powder will act as a lock for your lipstick and make it stay for a longer period of time. 

    mask proof lipstick

    Lastly, wear your face mask! This quick guide will help your lipstick last for a longer period of time. Here are some other tips that will help you keep your lipstick last longer under the face mask. Read on 

    If you have dry and chapped lips then exfoliate your lips twice or thrice a week. You can use a mix of sugar, coffee, and some water, a homemade lip scrub or you can buy the ones available in the market. Exfoliating will help remove any dead skin from the surface of your lips, leaving you with soft, smooth lips. 

    Buy lipsticks that have a matte texture as they don't budge and are usually transfer-proof. 

    Use a tissue paper to remove the excess lipstick from your lips if you reapply it. Place a tissue paper over your lips and remove it after a few seconds. You can also dab some translucent powder onto your lips which will take away any moisture from your lips. This will make it smudge-proof. 

    We hope this guide helps you wear your lipstick for a long time under that face mask. For more such beauty-related stories, stay tuned! 


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