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    Expert Explains How Does Your Diet Affects Your Skincare Routine

    Do you know that your diet also affects your skin? Here's how.
    Published -24 Nov 2021, 10:52 ISTUpdated -24 Nov 2021, 13:50 IST
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    Eating patterns are not only related to our internal immunity and health but also to or external aesthetics, especially to our skin. That is why a skincare routine can never be completed without including a good diet or foods. You always set your routine as per your skin type and concern, like having oily acne-prone skin or dry and itchy skin. But, having unhealthy foods can force you to bring change into your daily skincare routine. 

    Dr Swati Takkar, Skincare Expert, Derma Essentia, “Even if you are going well with skin repairing and caring essentials including moisturizers, face serums and others, but the foods can bring tiny pimples, acne or even dryness to your face. This can affect your regular skincare and you either want or not to make little changes in your regular routine.” 

    When you are serious about your skin and know eating different kinds of foods can adversely affect your skin, you must take care of what you eat. That is why Dr Swati Takkar shared what foods we should keep in our daily life and what foods we need to avoid:

    Foods That Adversely Affect The Skincare Routine

    Foods High In Fat

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    According to a study ‘Diet and Skin Aging’ high-fat foods increase the skin's oxidative stress and inflammation, reduce healthy protein synthesis and affect the structural composition of the skin. This also reduces the water content of the skin which comes out in the form of irritation, inflammation and dryness.

    Not only this, but high-fat foods also become a major reason for premature skin ageing. That's Why, avoid having foods like heavy creams, fatty meats, bacon, butter and deep-fried foods.

    Tobacco And Alcohol

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    These two habits are also not good for your skin as these can change skin cuticle thickness, disturb skin structure, abrupt skin barrier function and can lead to skin inflammation. All this with time makes your skin dull and damaged and this can’t only be covered with skincare products.

    Along with these, also avoid having foods with a high glycemic index, caffeine, tea, carbonated drinks and sugary sweets.

    Foods That Positively Affect The Skincare Routine

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    Tomatoes, Blueberries, Strawberries, Oranges, Kiwi, Apple, Green vegetables, Onions, Yellow and Red Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Pumpkin Seeds, Salmon, Eggs, Almonds, Grapes and more veggies, all due to rich in potent phytochemicals, essential proteins, vitamins and antioxidants are amazing to skin healthy, fresh and illuminating. 

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    So, you should also take care of what you eat and drink along with what you are applying in your daily life for healthy radiant skin.

    • Start your day with having a glass of hot water. It will help to remove impurities from your body and skin. Doing this every day will help you to get clear skin. 
    • Then add some fruit along with some carbs and healthy fats to your breakfast.
    • Go with your basic skincare routine.
    • Must have fruits and salad every day.
    • Drink a cup of green tea every day.
    • Also, have a glass of hot water or green tea before going to bed.

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    All these can help your body detox and become wholesome all the time. Just give it a try and follow this routine for a month and more for glowing, spotless and smooth skin. 

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