Hair loss and hair thinning are one of the most common hair issues that trouble people from all around the world. As the lifestyles become more and more unhealthy, with diets being neglected and small details about things not being considered important, we are landing ourselves into great peril.  Apart from the healthy lifestyle, we also tend to be careless and do things that we must refrain from, as a part of a habit. Some of such habits could also contribute to the thinning of your hair. And that is why, take a look at these factors contributing to the thinning of your hair and try to be precarious from now on.

Skipping Your Meals

When you start to skip your meals on a regular basis your body functions also get moderated according to that. And instead of nourishing the hair, and making it grow, the major part of the energy is utilized by the heart and brain functions as they are the most important.  Therefore you must not avoid any of your meals and try to consume more healthy foods with ones rich in protein like eggs, meat, fish, lentils, etc.

Hot Showers


Hot showers are incredible, but not so much for your hair. These hot showers are one of the major reasons for that unwanted dryness and roughness in your hair. Hot showers dry out the moisture from your hair follicles and leave them devoid of all the nourishment. Not only that, but a hot shower also strips the scalp of natural oils. This then leads to extensive hair fall and hair breakage because dry and brittle hair is weaker.  So, avoid hot showers daily, or you can use shower caps to prevent the damage.

Tight Hairstyles 

You might have noticed a chunk of hair on your elastic band after you untie your hair. This is because tight hairstyles pull your hair in an uncomfortable position and then it breaks off easily. So, refrain from very tight hairstyles to prevent hair thinning.

Wrongly Managing Wet Hair


Do you know what is even weaker than dry and brittle hair? It is wet hair. Wet hair is weak and breaks easily because water makes the cuticles rise up a little and when you comb or roll in a brush in the hair just after washing your hair, the hair snaps easily. Further, very aggressive towel drying may also result in a clump of hair on the towel for the same reason.

Extensive Hair Styling 


We all know that most of the hairstyling kits heat your hair in order to straighten, curl, or crimp them. But this heat could ruin the thickness of your hair and cause hair fall and damage the cuticles.  Further, the use of styling products also weakens your hair and causes hair fall and hair thinning because of the alcohol content present in it.

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Medication May Also Cause Hair Thinning


Taking certain medicines may also be responsible for hair thinning. Anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, blood pressure control pills, hormone replacement tablets, etc, All these medications maybe linked to hair thinning and can disrupt the process of your hair growth. So, keep in mind the above-mentioned things to maintain thick and strong hair. You can have very well-nourished and healthy hair if you try a little. Eating a balanced diet, refraining from heat, hot showers, and hairstyling products could help you get the beautiful, silky hair that you desire.

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