You must be thinking about what is there to care about while washing the face? You just have to take the face wash, splash some water and you’re done? But that’s not what it takes and you will get that glow, a little effort, and thinking go behind the technique of washing your face too. If not done right, then your face washing habits can lead to more serious effects on your skin that can result in more production of the oil or dryness or you may even face acne and breakouts. You need to keep few points in mind while cleaning your face this time.

Using The Wrong Product

Face wash mistakes

The First and foremost thing to achieve flawless skin is to know your skin type. You need to stop wasting your money on the wrong products, without knowing what will suit your skin type best. The skin type category consists of dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Figure out the category to which your skin belongs and then invest in the cosmetics. The different product works differently according to your skin type and issues. Your face washes need to clean your skin deeply without stripping it out of the natural oils leading to breakouts. Dermatologists suggest that people with dry to normal skin should go for hydrating foaming face washes whereas, people with the oily and sensitive skin type should choose anti-inflammatory or gel-based cleansers.

Frequently Washing Of The Face

mistakes while face washing

If you are someone who likes to wash their face repeatedly then we urge you to stop doing it. Washing your face often can cause your skin to get dry and it also sucks out all the natural oils from your skin. When the natural oils are stripped from your skin, it can lead to breakouts or production of more oil reimbursing the dryness caused to the skin. It is advised that you should not wash your face more than twice a day. Cleanse it once you wake up and get ready for work and second when you come back home. it is important to remove any kind of dirt and pollutant from your skin so that it looks clean and healthy.

Temperature of Water

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It is very tempting to wash the face at an extreme temperature according to the seasons. However, washing your face with excessively hot and cold water will have an adverse effect on your skin. You need to wash your face at perfect Lukewarm to normal temperature water. It will not make your skin feel dry and running out of natural oils.

Rubbing Instead Of Pat Drying

common face wash mistakes

Rubbing your face vigorously with a towel will irritate your skin and eventually lead to loss of its elasticity. Tugging the towel constantly will also remove the protective skin barrier which consists of proteins and amino acids. Once you have washed your face take the towel and gently press it against your skin instead of dragging it on your face. Once your face is cleaned make sure you are using a good moisturizer to provide your skin proper hydration.

We hope you will find these tips useful. stay tuned to Herzindagi for more.

image courtesy: shutterstock, pixabay