You might feel that your hair is not great even after you do everything to take care of them. What else should you do? Well, have you considered that you might not be using your hair products in the right manner. 

Most commonly people make mistakes while applying a conditioner. You must be thinking that you apply it perfectly but still you don’t get the desired results, then think again. If you are still not so sure, then read ahead to know about what mistakes you could be making while applying conditioner to your head. 

Using Too Much Product

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Before you finish your conditioner in just a few uses, remember that in case of conditioner less is better. Using less product gives better results than using more of it. This will weight down your hair along with making it difficult to wash – off. Just use a thin layer of the product on your hair. The perfect amount is a quarter sized dollop of conditioner. 

Either You Skip It Altogether Or You Skip It Often

You must be having a busy schedule and not much time to get ready in the morning so you just shampoo and move out but that is no excuse to skip conditioning your head. Conditioner is as important as shampooing

Shampoo removes all the dirt and oils that build up in your hair over a period of time, on the other hand conditioner is also as important because it gives your mane the much – needed moisture. So, next time take wake up a little early and don’t miss out on the conditioner.

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Putting It On Your Roots

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If you are putting the conditioner on your roots, then you should stop immediately. Conditioner should be applied only where it is needed that is the lengths of your hair since this part of the hair can be drier as compared to the roots. It is best to not apply it on the roots as it can weigh down your hair and also, can make it appear to be greasy. 

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Not Leaving It Long Enough

Again, you might be having a busy schedule but if you only apply conditioner to rinse it off immediately, then it might not work its magic on your hair. Therefore, you must take out a few more minutes from your precious time and let it be on your hair for some time. The may differ from product to product but generally, the ideal time is between one minute to three minutes. 

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You Leave Your Hair Down

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You might leave your hair down on your shoulders when you apply conditioner. This might not harm your hair but it is really harmful for your skin as it can cause breakouts and rashes on your skin. Instead of leaving your hair down, you should tie it up in a bun. This will protect you from any skin damage and will also leave you free to perform your other chores like shaving, washing, etc without causing any disturbance. 

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