In terms of the beauty language, some of us look forward to the winter season simply because there is no need to look all waxed since we wear so many layers. Winter months mean no waxing days unless we have to attend a wedding. But if we do not then we are left with a lot of hair growth. Besides that there are many other reasons why waxing especially in the winter season is important. 

Ingrown Hair

Agreed that in the cold weather our skin is hardly exposed but when we do wear pants every day it does cause friction against the hair shafts. This leads to ingrown hair and uneven hair growth which none of us want. 

Dead Skin Cells

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Hydration is one major factor and dryness can lead to itching. In the cold weather with which comes harsh winds, a normal moisturiser may not be sufficient enough to nourish the skin and quench the dry body. Do not forget that we also switch on heaters at home which make the dryness worst. What waxing does is that when it tugs on the hair, it opens our pores and this helps in exfoliating our skin. The dead skin cells sitting on the surface are gotten rid of and this lets our body oils and creams to sink into the skin properly, providing better hydration. 

No Worries To Attend Last-Minute Parties

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Just like in the summer season you would go to the salon or parlour regularly, keep the same schedule as this will not worry you when you have to attend a last-minute party or head out for a wedding you were planning to ditch. You can wear your favourite blouse and carry a warm shawl without mulling over your "hairy" situation. Not just that, you can wear your ankle boots with woolen dresses and sheer stalkings without giving it a second thought. 


Just keep in mind that before you head out for waxing, you have not had alcohol. It acts as a stimulant and can also cause the skin to be extra sensitive. It is best to give it a day's gap or more and then book that appointment. 

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If you have a waxing appointment fixed then do not try any plucking or shaving. If your hair strands are too short, they will not be removed properly and this will make it difficult to clear the area. It could also lead to uneven hair growth. The length of the hair before you go for that waxing session should be at least 4 to 6 mm. 

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So what are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating, get up and make that waxing appointment. Getting rid of your hair is also a part of grooming and hygiene. If your skin is smooth and clean, you will yourself feel confident especially when you have been a regular in the Summer season.


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