We spend so much on our face and body but there are small areas which are noticed much by the opposite sex especially which need our attention! How ould it look if you have a wrinkled neck? Which is why here are some beauty tips, a regime that needs to be followed for a nicely cared for neck as well.

Remove Makeup

remove makeup

Pretty sure you love your makeup and that is when it gets necessary to clean it all up properly. Get that foundation off before you sleep otherwise the pores on your skin will be clogged and give you pimples, acne, and wrinkles.  

Oil Massage

Two to three times a week get an oil massage done of your neck. All you need is some chamomile, coconut oil or almond oil and massage it upwards. This keeps your neck soft and hydrated.


Like your face, exfoliate your neck as well. Get a mild one not a very hard bead one. Do it for 2-3 minutes and twice a week. Do apply moisturise after this step.  


Never skip the sunscreen and apply the one which is minimum SPF 30. This keeps wrinkles, tanning, sun spots away. Do not forget the back of your neck.  

Sheet Mask

sheet mask neck

Yes, I get it that you just want to crash after a heavy day but just taking off your makeup is not enough. Hydration is important as well. Treat your skin to mask sheets and the dripping serum that you see? Rub it off on your neck as well. 

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Improve Posture


While sitting, don't slouch, sit straight. Avoid bending your neck too much while reading or watching your Netflix on your laptops. Stretch your neck and massage it often. This improves blood flow and slows down it's ageing.

Wash Your Neck

Don't ignore your neck! Wash it often. This cleanses the dust, pollution and the sweat.

Peppermint Oil 

peppermint oil

This is a cool way of brightening your tanned neck. Massage it with peppermint oil as it also calms the nerves. However, do not forget to use undiluted essential oils on your skin. Mix it up with a carrier oil like almond or jojoba.