Tangy, tasty and nutritious, a pod of imli packs quite a punch. Packed with potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, as well as vitamin B1 and B2, vitamin C, and fibre, imli is good for your body but do you know about the various ways it can be a beauty product too? Let’s find out.

Bumpy Skin

remove bumpy skin with imli

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Most of us have experienced bumps on our skin that irritate us to no end. Neither are they pimples nor whiteheads. Well, imli can help you get rid of these nasty things as well as other skin problems. Not just this, imli has various enzymes, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, alpha hydroxyl acids and fiber that can remove dead skin cells. That’s why it is the perfect natural skin exfoliating agent that can lighten your complexion, eliminate acne and also cure the pigmentation caused by it. It also acts as a toner and moisturiser for the skin, helping you retain a youthful look. Here’s how you can make a nice imli face mask: 

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💯1 INGREDIENT TO GET RID OF TEXTURED/BUMPY SKIN + GET A NATURAL GLOW🔆 ⁉️do you have those annoying little bumps under your skin that are not exactly whiteheads, blackheads or a full on red aching pimple?ALSO, do u just want to wake up with glowy JLO skin? THEN SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND. 🐶 🙊TAMARIND! -while its not the the standard of beauty of fruits (all fruits and vegetables are beautiful in their own way.) INNER beauty is where this little GEM really shines! Dont judge a book by its cover! ✅Peel tamarind- remove the “veins” ✅Boil with 1/2 cup water (5-7 mins) until it turns light brown (DO NOT put RAW tamarind on your face. MUST BOIL) save the water after boiling to use as a toner ✅let cool -remove seeds to create paste (do not use premade tamarind pastes plz) ✅Apply the paste to your CLEAN face ✅leave on for ten mins ✅wash off with lukewarm water ✅tone your face with the tamarind toner - do this 3 times a week ⚡️BOOM - best and smoothest looking skin ever! -I used to have the most textured, uneven skin on the planet. My forehead and sides of my nose had tiny little bumps EVERYWHERE- using this helped so much! Sorry there is no before and after - this is just something ive used ever since i was young so the textured bumpy skin is gone. I dont just do DIYS for the gram.. its a real life thing for me. My pantry looks like Hogwarts from all my potions :)🔮 🎉WHY THIS WORKS: VITAMIN C - skin brightening and glow vitamin ALPHA HYDROXY ACID - exfoliates skin and removes dirt and impurities and UNCLOGS PORES! THIS is the KEY to getting rid of textured and bumpy skin Helps lighten dark spots - again, vitamin c is life. Instantly hydrates your skin and juices it with antioxidants VITAMIN A (RETINOL )- Prevents aging and tightens the skin to make you look like youve had fillers 👇🏽TAG a friend in need and 👍🏾LIKE this video for more tips!❤️ Disclaimer: test patch first. ALWAYS. Song @russdiemon - for the stunt

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Natural Remedy For Cellulite

Cellulite removal requires costly procedures that take long to cut down the problem. But how about a natural remedy to take care of it? For this, just mix together 2 tsp tamarind extract, 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda to make a paste. Apply this on the required areas and gently scrub using a brush. Do this twice a week for 1-2 months to cut cellulite visibility.

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Removes Dark Rings Around The Neck

imli for dark rings around neck

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We always pay so much attention to our face but what about our neck area? If you have developed dark rings around the neck then tamarind has the solution. Strain imli juice and mix it with 1 tsp rose water plus 1 tsp honey. Apply this on the neck’s dark areas and keep it for 20 minutes. Wash off with water to reveal softer and clearer skin.

Hair Benefits

imli for hair

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Tamarind’s nutritional benefits extend to the hair too as it prevents hair loss and helps treat oily & greasy scalp. For this, you can either apply imli water on your scalp followed by hot towel treatment to curb hairfall, mix tamarind pulp with olive oil and butter milk for a hair mask to cut down oil on scalp or use it as a hair wash.

So the next time you have some tangy imli chutney, give this humble fruit some credit for making you beautiful too! And to know about other natural ingredients that are good for your skin such as khus khus or even atta and bad habits that can hurt your skin, keep reading Her Zindagi.

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