Love to wear backless dresses and deep back tops? These patterns do make statements and are always top in trend. While you hope to wear backless tops, does the acne on your back not let you wear a normal saree blouse? Are you forced to wear turtle necks and collared patterns because you are embarrassed of your bacne? Are you someone who has the perfect dresses and the perfect resources, just not the perfect back? Then you have come to the right place because we are going to give some very easy and very efficient tips for bacne treatment! 

Take Shower After Sweating

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If you are someone who works out, or even if you sweat on your back, don’t let the sweat sit there for long. If the sweat sits on your back for too long it may clog the pores. The sweat has bacteria of its own and if not washed immediately it can cause sweat pimples. Even worse it may suffocate all your pores with dirt and result in redness, rashes and bacne!


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We know exfoliating in an area where you already have acne sounds painful. However, this is a must to get rid of stubborn dirt and dead skin cells. These dirt particles and dead skin cells end up suffocating your pores and causing breakouts. You might want to avoid store-bought chemical exfoliators since the area is already pretty sensitive. Instead, you can make your own scrub either with coffee or sugar. Avoid salt scrubs because that will make the area burn even more. 

Don’t Let Your Hair Fall On Bacne

Remember when we were kids our mothers would always make sure all our hair is tied up tightly with nothing falling on our forehead? Even if we had fringes she would clip it up since she was afraid that it might cause rashes on our forehead. A lot of us even had severe acne on our forehead and even before giving an ointment, the doctor asked us to keep our hair away from our forehead at all times? The same thing applies to our back as well. Hair can cause irritation and acne. Especially if your hair is dirty. So make sure you wash your hair regularly and tie it in a bun.

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Wear Loose Tops

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We know tight-fitting tops are trendy and make you look hot, but you know what they do to your bacne? They suffocate it. If you sweat, these tops tightly press the sweat against your acne making it worse. These tight fabrics trap the heat on your back and don’t let it escape. Apart from loose tops, make sure your bra isn’t too tight and you must not wear your bra to sleep at night. Dressing in loose clothes will give your back some space to breathe and recover. 

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Tea Tree Oil 

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This essential oil has gained a lot of popularity off late regarding its skin treatment properties. The oil, dirt and bacteria that get accumulated in our skin especially due to larger pores cause bacne. Tea tree oil has been proven to help treat active acne. However, you must not apply this oil directly to your acne, instead mix 4-5 drops of tea tree oil with aloe vera gel. The oil will fight acne and the gel will cause the rashes and redness to cool down. Before applying it directly to your acne, try it on another part of your skin and see if it causes any reactions. If not, you are good to go! 

These were just a few ways in which you can get rid of your bacne. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more information!