There are so many oils out there in the Ayurvedic world but we know so little about them even when we know that they all have a crucial role to play. One such oil is Lakshadi oil and it has many skin benefits for adults and babies.

Ashish Ohlyan, Head of Marketing, Cholayil Pvt Ltd, told HerZindagi that "Soaps are used every day in our lives which makes our skin dry and itchy. In winter, this is further compounded, when our body is exposed to long, hot showers and the bath it strips away the skin’s natural oil, resulting in more dryness.

"By taking care of small methods in our routines, we can easily get rid of the problem, it just involves making small lifestyle changes. Switching from a normal soap to a natural glycerine soap can turn out to be magical for our skin. The changing lifestyle and the growing demand for Ayurvedic and natural products in the personal care segment have led brands to focus on the benefits of lakshadi oil and increase awareness among the consumers."

chemical free

He added that "in the last few years, there has been a shift in consumer behavior. Today, more and more customers look for those products which are toxin and chemical-free and usually prefer ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products in the personal care sector. This thriving demand has led companies to focus on herbal and ayurvedic products because of their no harmful side effects to consumers. This growing movement away from chemical to natural ingredients has seen brands tapping into the ayurvedic and other organic remedies.

The Lakshadi Oil is considered nature’s moisturising expert, as it preserves skin cells and provides them with the power to regain the lost moisture due to its nourishing, therapeutic, and curative properties. The natural herbal formulation with time tested and goodness of 18 herbs like ashwagandha, deodar, turmeric, licorice moisturise dry skin and give you a naturally soft skin, even in winter!" 

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Benefits For Children

blood circulation

This oil is excellent for the skin not just for the adults but kids as well. It works as a great massage oil as it works on enhancing blood circulation. 

Benefits For Adults

dry skin

  • Lakshadi oil is generally best utilised when used after a steam therapy when we go by Ayurvedic principles. 
  • This oil is considered best for balancing the distribution of your pitta. 
  • It is used for working on your fever, cold and cough and is also said to be helpful in recovering from bone injuries. 
  • Lashadi oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. 

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  • It helps relieve stress. 
  • For your skin, this oil is great if you have eczema, hot flushes or if you suffer from dry skin. 
  • It is a soothing oil that gives you soft and moisturised skin and prevents it from scarring. 
  • If you plan on buying yourself a bottle, then do consult your doctor or an Ayurvedic expert before. 

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