Rajni Ohri, Ayurveda Expert and Founder at Ohria Ayurveda, has listed some Ayurvedic remedies which could prove to be useful for all:

1. As per Ayurveda, it is advisable to wake up during ‘Brahma Muhurat’ preferably between 4-5.30am.

2. It is crucial that you drink water early in the morning. However, keep it in mind that thewater is at room temperature and it should be had from a pure copper cup filled in the night before.

water for health

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3. Eyes should be cleaned with fresh water or triphla plant (a hot infusion made with Triphla) every day.

4. Try Gandusha to strengthen the teeth, gums and jaw. This will improve your voice and remove wrinkles from cheeks. Gargle twice a day with warm sesame oil. Hold the oil in your mouth, switch it around vigorously, then spit it out and gently massage the gums with a finger.

5. Do Nasya. Put 3-5 drops of warm cows ghee or sesame oil into each nostril in the morning. This helps in lubricating the nose, clean the sinuses and improves voice, vision and mental clarity. So nasal drops nourish Prana and bring intelligence.

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6. It is necessary to massage the whole body with oil regularly (every day). If you can’t then at least do massage on three important areas viz. Ears, head and feet that can give you happiness as well as prevent a headache, baldness, greying of hair and induce sound sleep and keep the skin soft.


7. Regular exercise especially yoga is essential for perfect health. It builds up stamina and resistance against disease, clear the chemicals of the body and increases blood circulation. It enhances the efficacy of body organs, promotes appetite and digestion, also prevents obesity.

8. Do exercise daily of half of your capacity until sweat forms on forehead, armpits and spine.

9. Wash feet every night before sleep to detox and wash away negativity. Preferably soak in salty water.

10. Always sit straight to let the ‘Prana’ flow healthy all over the body.

11. Practice tratak kriya every evening by gazing at a flame from a diya, constantly, for 7 minutes. It improves eyesight, memory and gives amazing clarity of thought.

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