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An Anti Ageing Eyeliner Hack That Will Do Wonders!

Looking for a youthful makeup look? This eyeliner hack will give your face an instant facelift too! 
Anti Ageing Eyeliner Tips

Makeup has been one concept that allows your features to look bolder and more beautiful. Using makeup, you can accentuate your features to a much greater extent. 

Makeup can allow you to look more youthful and glowing when done the right way. The art of makeup is something that should be modified in intervals as your face is meant to serve changes to the world. You may start facing fine lines and wrinkles within months and your previous makeup routine may be giving it an emphasis rather than hiding them. 

You can give your face a lift using a simple eyeliner trick, which also has an incredible anti-ageing effect on your face. 

How To Give Your Face A Lift?

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You can add a little flick or wing at the outer corner of the eyes can create an instant uplifting effect and help take years off your look.  To add a flick, start by using a soft hand with your kohl or kajal pencil. You can always darken and thicken your liner, if not satisfied with the outcome. 

Once you have the desired line across the entire lid, use the angled brush edge dipped into the gel liner. Angle the brush towards the end of your eyebrow to help keep symmetry for both eyes. If the angles don’t look even it’s easy and quick to remove the extra eyeliner wing with a little Q-tip and eye makeup remover or even water-soaked bud. 

Making the perfect eyeliner is just the start of your anti-ageing eyeliner trick. There’s more to add to this trick to help it give you a great impact! 

For a youthful look, it’s all about the angles! The shape you’re creating should be done at a 45-degree angle to give the eyes and face a more lifted appearance. The eyeliner doesn't necessarily have to be close to your eyes. You can keep it a little above your eyelid to avoid poking your eyes. When using liner, the ideal place to stop your liner every day is about halfway between the tail of your brow and the outer corner of your eye. 

Start by creating little dashes in the shape of the line you want using powder and a brush. When you finally land on the shape you like, you can connect them!

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Do’s And Don’t’s Of Wearing An Eyeliner In Your 40’s 

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Always go for the right colour for your eyeliner. A woman in her 40s should ideally not go for funky colours like pinks and greens as they will highlight her fine lines and wrinkles. 

Start by smudging in your eyeliner from the outer corner of your eye, blending inwards. It will give you a natural smokey look that will make you look younger! 

Make sure to keep your strokes thin when using an eyeliner! Thicker strokes will end up making your eyes look funny and goofy, especially if you have puffy under eyes or large eyes.

You should go for linning the lower lashes too but avoid touching the inner corners of the eyes or the lower lash line. The purpose is to bring about a soft touch to the eyes and not a harsh rim.

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What Colour Eyeliner Should Older Women Use?

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You would look into using more browns and greys as eyeliner hues than the usual black. The black pigments can be very sturdy and harsh on the skin tone and texture, enhancing the fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes while you would want a softer and youthful look!

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