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    5 Ways To Use Green Tea Seed Serum The OG Potion For Your Skin

    Green Tea Seed Serum is all the rage when it comes to Korean beauty. The master potion is just the thing you need for a quick fix of glow and hydration. Top that with the fact that it works like magic for all skin types.  
    Updated at - 2023-01-20,08:30 IST

    Green tea seed serum is one of the true hidden gems to have walked out of the Korean beauty universe into the Indian beauty market. The OG serum is a wonder packed product that instantly replenishes moisture lost from cleansing and leaves you with a soft and glowing complexion

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    What’s Inside That Bottle Of Goodness? gg

    A balanced blend of Jeju green tea extract and green tea seed oil work together to help maintain the skin's oil to retain moisture longer. The skin felt less dry and tight right after using the product. 

    Here are five ways you can use the awesome sauce product and get wonderful glass skin that’ll make heads

    Use It Like An OG Serum

    In the first of many ways, you can just slap the serum on the face and glow like the moonbeam. Since it is very lightweight you can add a pump of the product to your skincare no matter what skin type you are. Green tea truly has a bunch of benefits for the skin including balancing the epidermal oils and moisture.

    Layer Up That Serum Babe

    In case you’re one of those dry and parched skin babies, please go ahead and indulge your skin with a little extra dose of hydration by adding an extra layer of the serum.  Layering this serum up is an excellent idea just like the Koreans do it and it works perfectly due to its lightweight texture. You can get that shimmery glow from within by adding serum right after an enriching toner and following it up with a moisturiser. 

    Boost Your Sheet Masks With The Serum

    The green tea seed serum is a BFF for your skin and your sheet masks. The serum performs in an effortless way when paired with your sheet masks. Just apply a layer of the serum right before you use a sheet mask. This will amp up the hydration and give you the most glowing skin ever.

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    Use It As A Primer 

    Since the green tea seed serum is an extremely lightweight product, it’ll glide over your skin and make sure that the foundation glides on as smoothly as ever on your face.

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    Use It As A Liquid Highlighter

    When we say that the green tea seed serum is all things bright in a bottle, we aren’t bluffing. Just add a few drops of it on the highpoints of your face for a glow from within. But if you want to up this a notch, add a little powder highlighter on top and watch your face glow like a light bulb. This is because the serum just made your powder highlighter into a potent liquid one for the win.




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