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Ways To Club Sunscreen With Your Makeup

Confused about how to apply sun protection with makeup while not ruining anything? Read on to know different ways to use sunscreen along with other makeup products. 


Tips To Help You With You Nail Biting Habit

Are you sick of biting your own nails and want to get rid of this habit? Read on to know some easy tips! 

Food Diary

Don’t Throw Away Leftover Cabbage Leaves, Here Are 5 Ways To Use Them

Do you throw away the cabbage leaves in the dustbin? Stop and read ways you can use them. 


Ways A White Eye Liner Can Enhance Your Look

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Bring Home A Perfect Pair Of Yoga Pants

Are you looking to buy a perfect pair of yoga pants? Read on to know tips that can make your task easy! 


Birthday Special: Juhi Chawla’s 90s Outfits We Can Wear In 2021

Juhi Chawla’s birthday is just around the corner and while going through her snaps we found out her looks that still can be worn in 2021! 

Society & Culture

From Cotton To Silk, Here’s How To Safely Iron Different Types Of Fabrics

If you want all your fabrics to shine without getting damaged while ironing, learn how to iron different types of fabrics.  

Society & Culture

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Tolerate Your Possessive Partner’s Overprotective Behaviour

Partners can change a life, sometimes in a positive way and other times in a negative way, especially if your has overprotective behaviour.  


How To Use A Bathroom In Wearing A Heavy Bridal Lehenga

Here are some easy-peasy bridal tips to help you relieve yourself without ruining your wedding lehenga!


Easy Remedies To Take Off Colours From Your Nail Beds

Don’t want your nails to get stained with colours? Read on to know some simple remedies that may help. 


Saree Styling Hacks To Make Your Diwali Stress-Free

Planning to wear saree tomorrow on Diwali, but having second thoughts thinking about malfunctions? Try these tricks to achieve effortless saree look! 


Trending Payal Designs That Will Complete Your Dream Wedding Look

Are you a bride-to-be and are looking for a perfect pair of payal for your wedding day? Read on to know about some trending pieces!