The job, the household chores and endless responsibilities, we women get to deal with so much on a daily basis that we don’t get time to think about personal needs most of the time. While at home we still somehow manage to look after ourselves and our needs, things become a little more difficult when we’re outside. But since we have to accomplish so much, we should not let petty things like vaginal discharge, blood stains and sweat bother us. Instead of keep remedying the situation, become pro-active. Use useful items like panty liners that make life a little easier and allow us to focus on things that we really should! Wondering how? We have listed the top five reasons as to why we think all of us should start using panty liners! 

Panty Liners Are Great For Unexpected Periods 

There are many who forget their dates. While installing an app and marking on the calendar can turn out to be helpful, sometimes periods also play smart and turn up early. For those days panty liners can be your saviour. Yes, you will be needing your regular pad, tampon or menstrual cup (pros and cons of using menstrual cups), but at least you wouldn’t be ruining your favourite pair of undies! It also saves you when you think that your periods are finally over and somehow they come back for a day or so. It happens with me all the time and that’s why panty liners have become my lifesaver. 

Panty Liners Are Necessary For Freshness

Panty Liners Are Necessary For Freshness

Freshness shouldn’t be limited until your mouth and face, but it is also significant down there. I am sure we all have experienced that discomfort when it feels like something is wet down there. For all those times, make friends with panty liners and stay free all day long! 

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Panty Liners Deals With Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharges are for real and we all have them. There is nothing to be shy about it and feeling ashamed of it. If for some reasons you’re experiencing unusable flow, its best to consult a doctor. Alongside, you can always use panty liners to keep yourself dry down there. Women can easily catch urinary tract infections (UTIs), in order to spread awareness and help each other to stay safe, we must start having such conversations. 

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Panty Liners Protect Against Bladder Leaks

Panty Liners Protect Against Bladder Leaks

This has nothing to do with gender. Bladder leaks are common among all. However, we women can protect ourselves against it by using panty liners. Also, some might experience it very often accidentally, but others may have to deal with such issues on a regular basis, due to weak muscles (tips to treat sore muscles)  of their urinary tract. If you too are going through something like this, don’t avoid the situation, instead, talk to your doctor and take precautions. 

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Panty Liners Help To Absorb Postpartum Flow

New moms already get to deal with so much. All of a sudden they get to take care of a new-born and her vulnerable self. When it comes to postpartum flow, give yourself relief and use panty liners. It will manage those leaks that one can experience for weeks. However, don’t forget your intimate hygiene with this. 

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